Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorta Mid-Month Update Podcast 5-21-2013

Ok with everything going on I rather decided to do a mid-month podcast.  So lets get started.
First off if you haven't noticed I started Okami and Virtua Quest.  (seriously if you haven't noticed you're probably new to my channel).  Both of those games are fun in there own right. Okami I didn't know how long the game really is.  I thought I was done with the game and just had new game+ stuff or post game to work on.  Nope I'm only done with 1/4th of the game.  I ended up recording like 5-10 hours of stuff and now I gotta sort through, convert, and edit all of this LOL.  Maybe I shoulda just recorded only boss fights too late now. Virtua Quest the only things I hate about it is the stiff controls and the difficulty curve.  I said before in an earlier post that the game's controls are very stiff and the platforming you have to be almost perfect to make or take damage (that or start over from the beginning).  Then you have boss fights that get seriously cheap.  Seriously this ninja guy denied everything I tried to do and he's not even Kage Maru.  ANTI-AIR, Counter your grab, teleport, now for Clone attack! YOU LOSE SON CAUSE I'M A NINJA!!! That was frustrating and now I see why ppl quit this game I'm still gonna go through it cause the fun parts are still there.

Stuff I'm Planning and Debating To Do

I noticed now that getting views is next to impossible unless I do something that interest ppl.  So I actually sat down and thought it through thinking that one the best things to do is hold some sort of contest or giveaway to get subscribers and views or even donations.  Since I have quite a few things I don't or can't use anymore.

  • (like a couple of game T-Shirts,
  • Official Artbooks from various games like Okami, 
  • a few games I don't play anymore at all for one reason or another (Like ZOE2)
  • etc.
I even thought of doing a donation stream to get money.  The planning and debating is what stopping me.  I would generally sell it off for like a total of 30 bucks or so. Even finding the time for such an event is rather rough.  But I think its the best option to take if planned correctly.

Guilty Gear Xrd OMG It Happened

So in the midst of all these somewhat mediocre to blech games released or announced finally something that catches my eye gets announced.  From what I've seen I like the redesigns I like the animation. I just want this game.  I just hope that its not M rated.  I honestly cried when GGXX AC+ R (Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Reload) was slapped with the M rating and I wondered why then I remembered the random unlockable artwork and Testament's Instant Kill.  Its rather weird cause GGXX AC+ was rated T on the PS2.  I guess ESRB saw the random artwork or the fact that its in HD bugs them.  Anyway one thing I hope they do or really I want them to do is make the Overture characters DLC or unlockable (Guilty Gear 2: Overture).  Even though from the looks of this trailer the story doesn't take place in that timeline.  It would be nice to see them as secret characters that aren't Kliff or Justice.  

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Well GG is here why not BB as well?

Well this game actually has a console release date. And its October 24th of this year in Japan for PS3.  No word for Xbox360 and nothing about a US release but whatever. That's the news so far as I stated sometime ago in an older blog.  Also the announcement of 2 console specific characters as well named Yuki Terumi (nope not Hazama) and Kagura Mitsuki. Nice addition to the console release of the game. Usually with that announcement of a release date means that US will get the game sometime either in Spring or Summer.  But the question still looms over my mind. WHERE'S JUBEI?!

PS4 or Xbox One? Or Wii U still in the running?

Honestly at this point I'm not really looking at any system.  PS4 still having tons of rumors along with the fact that we're missing an actual Console.  Wii U being expensive and not too many games of pure interest.  Xbox One brings to the table even more rumors and none of them are good.  With talk saying that a game disc will be tied to one account. Meaning that no more Used games? No more Renting? No more borrowing?  Seriously why bother?  I virtually buy only used games now since I hate paying $60 - $70+ for a brand new game especially when I feel they aren't worth the price tag. The games announced for it which is my main concern have no appeal to me either.  Even if they made only one game that stood out. I'm not buying a console just for 1 game.  That's boring IMO.  Really need some clarification on this whole used game deal.  Cause a lot of new games these days just aren't worth the price tag. Waiting for the price drop means you miss out on everything cause everyone has already played it out and moved on.  I actually posted in my twitter that by the time this console is released. I'll have a PS3 LOL.  

Something in the works

I actually did plan a commentary game. Of Sonic Adventure DX.  This is cause I already uploaded Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. And this game is literally the same game just on a different console.  I'm still planning it out and and trying to make an effort to make it happen.  Just a lot of things aren't working out.