Friday, May 24, 2013

Test Commentary Again (Sigh)

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Cause I'm rather annoyed with this. Lets do a test commentary again.  Cause apparently ppl didn't watch the first Test Commentary or really listen to my review of Sonic Generations (not even my podcast).  So this is what I would call a last test commentary.  If I don't reach a desired amount of views/comments. I will not do commentary again and those that are asking for it will just be outta luck.  So what I suggest if you really want commentary from me that you comment get your friends to comment and get their friends to comment. This is a 4 part series commentary over various Demos. I won't do it over a real game cause it'll be a total waste to do so and no one watches.  These are the demos I'll be doing commentary over.

Part 1: Sonic 4 Episode II (
Part 2: Dungeon Fighter Live (
Part 3: Sanctum 2  (
Part 4: Bangai O: Missile Fury (

We all know what this game is about it doesn't need an introduction.  The demo is rather short and kinda forces you to stop before you complete a level.

If you remember Dungeon Fighter Online a somewhat famous free MMO that combines Fighting and MMORPG elements. This is the same game except simplified to play on the Xbox 360. The sad news however is that the US version of this game on the PC will be taken now in June.  The other language servers are hard to jump into as its complicated to make an account there.  I'm honestly interested in this series and would have played it long ago but like always there's tons of other games to play.

A Tower Defense Game that feels like a watered down version of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.  However an FPS game that's rated T is rather rare to see. The artwork looks nice and I was curious to see what this game is all about.  At the same however I doubt there's many people who would play this online when you have games like CoD and Halo pretty much soaking up all FPS market.

An HD remake of a classic and very rare Dreamcast title.  Very unique gameplay with stunning graphics and animation that's very hard to immitate.  Made me consider the dreamcast version of this game again along with Cyberbots.

Please Rate and comment cause I can't make any proper fixes to the videos. Again if this set of videos doesn't get a desired amount of views/comments then I will not do commentary for any game I play. So spread the word cause that's the only way that this'll work out favorably. If it doesn't then anyone asking (begging) for commentary I'll just show them this set of videos and say that it doesn't work.  Thanks for watching. Rate and Comment.