Sunday, May 19, 2013

Virtua Quest - One of the Forgotten SEGA games

This game I actually planned to get years ago but someone suggested that they wanted to see this game so I pushed it up the list.  I played this long time ago at a Game Crazy (No not GameStop) and generally liked the looks of it. But at that time there were tons of other games that had my interest.  Basically take the famous Virtua Fighter series and make it an RPG.  That's one way to say what this game is.

The Storyline takes place in the future long after Virtua Fighter's storyline.  Yep Virtua Fighter has a storyline. Put it basically Virtua Fighter's story is to gather the best fighters from all around the world to gather data to build there own ultimate fighter called Dural.  Fast Forward to Virtua Quest storyline now the world is moving to the online virtual reality age. All around this net like world lies hidden data called Virtua Souls which have the ability to break any security so there are those that seek such data.  The main character unknowingly gets dragged into this fight against an unknown terrorist group that's hunting for Virtua Souls which plan to take over the world.  Sounds alot like the Megaman EXE series right?

The gameplay does pretty well.  But it can improve.  The combat is pratically a copy of Virtua Fighter's famous system down to the sound effects.  Difference is the commands are simplified for this game since you're running on a 3D enviroment.  My main issue comes with the controls.  While you have a lot of gimmicks through each stage executing them can be an issue at times.  Double Jumping is one such example unlike most games where you're able to double jump at virtually any point in jump, this game has a very small window that places it literally at the height of your jump.  The same with the Virtual Rope.  Jumping off the Virtual Rope takes a ton of trial and error since you have propel yourself a good distance. Its easy to over and under shoot the distance.  The combat is pretty solid.  The AI isn't a complete pushover but they aren't too hard either.  The buttons respond well during combat and making up your own combos is pretty easy.  Probably the main hard part thus far is fighting the Virtua Fighters.  Although they just wanna test you. They still kick your butt likes its a basic match in the Virtua Fighter game.  Why did you throw the top tier at me first GAME?!

Some people might complain about the voice acting or the massive amount of gestures used by the characters. I honestly don't care for it.  I can clearly understand the characters and there isn't Too much talking.  I can honestly say that there's a nice balance of gameplay and cutscene.  The story doesn't give too much away it doesn't tell too little.  The game gives me reasons to grind when needed.  It also doesn't drag on.  So far I'm liking it.

The thing about this playthrough is that for whatever reason the sound is out of sync or the frame rate is choppy. I am working to fix this but so far no real solutions.