Friday, June 28, 2013

Building HG LaGOWE 1/144 Ugh so much more work than normal

  • Time Taken: 4 hours 19 minutes

  • Frustrations: 6 times
  • Improvised: 1
  • Breaks: 3

I love the BuCUE's in Gundam SEED. Especially since they're pretty much the zoids of the Gundam Series (until you move on to the Gundam AGE series). The LaGOWE is Andrew Waltfeld's personal BuCUE model that he uses in a battle against Kira in the Aile Strike Gundam.  They're mainly designed for ground based combat and really for moving through desert terrain.  Although incapable of space combat or any other type of combat there's hardly a MS out there that can match these beast in ground mobility.  Aside from the fact that these guys look like Zoids when you see the BuCUE's in SEED they act like a wolf pack attacking to wear down there enemies with there mobility instead of having overwhelming power.  Sad to say that the LaGOWE's debut was destroyed the same episode it debut.  Its main weapons are obvious a beam saber that I can only describe by comparing it to the Zoids Blade Liger's Laser Blades.  And a 2-barrel beam cannon. Its other weapon is the spike claws on its legs. Which well used with its mobility can inflict some damage on most common MS or weaponry when you want to conserve energy.  There's honestly no reason not to love this guy.  Well unless you like the future incarnations of the BuCUE's such as the Kerberos versions or Waltfeld's MSV custom version of his LaGOWE.

 However building this model was ugh for a lot of reasons. I know the instructions are in japanese and all but that's not really the main issue.  Usually when building these gundam models you generally have everything required in the box to build the model except the painting supplies.  This I actually needed something else that I don't have easy access to right away especially for cheap.  I had to stop about an hour into building this for the fact that I required some thin lead wire.  This was so the head part or really its neck could be built so when its completely I can move the head around a bit.  I had to improvise that part by cutting a wire I no longer use and thread it a bit.  I'm honestly surprised that worked out.   The next issue came when I had to build the legs.  While at first the instructions appeared rather clear.  I found out half way through and even later on that the parts were labeled wrong not just on the instructions but on the parts themselves where labeled backwards to.  I ended up building 3 left feet before I figured out what was wrong.  Nearly broke the pieces too.

I later encountered a minor snag with attaching the engines.  This usually happens with almost any model that a piece will just not fit snugly into place and just fall out.  I later decided to super glue that part on since it wouldn't hurt anything.  The last snag I came across was the sticker decal attachment.  Some of the stickers were so small to begin with. But I do with the placement was before finally putting everything together.  Make it a lot easier to deal with. There's also the fact that I just said no to some stickers. Such as the Zaft logo. Well Andrew is no longer part of the Zaft Federation. In fact he's regarded KIA in the series despite being alive.  Overall its finished.  I hope one day I get to a point that I can build more models and start mixing and matching certain parts to make my own other words GUNPLA ^_^.