Monday, June 24, 2013

E3 Thoughts: Meh I'll wait till I see the final product

Well I wanted to make a video on it but geez its hard to actually care about something you don't really watch. I've been busy pretty much all this month so I didn't have time to watch it.  I managed to read up on it and focus more on what I actually care about and that's the games.  As for console's I only have this to say. Whether you complain about the console or not is up to you. It doesn't really change the fact that people will buy it anyway.  I am a bit surprised to see the things that happened after E3 (Microsoft).  If you were to ask me what console I'd get. I would likely say none till price drop. They're all too expensive for my taste and I like older games anyway lol.

What I actually want from all the companies is this (This includes you 3rd Party guys too).  Stop making crap peripherals like these controllers and cameras. I'm sick of having to pay $50 - $80 on controllers that only work for one game only and there's never a sequel made or a game that's pretty much crap is made to use it.  To make it worse the game most of the time requires these bulky pieces of crap. The other thing I'm sick of is these controllers barely lasting a year of use.  Shelling out all this money for a new controller that at first feels good but then starts having issues such as the stick rubber falling off, buttons getting stuck, replacing rechargeable battery packs, etc.  Its annoying.  At least make your stuff last for more than a year of play.

Now on to the 3 companies in this epic war of the consoles again.

Well Nintendo's been out with there Wii U and 3DS for a awhile.  Honestly there list of games have been rather intriguing.  But its obvious that there console exclusive are pretty much anything with Mario and Sonic blah blah blah.  Anyway lets see.

Well this is obvious. But with the reveal of "Fairy Type" Guess they need something to beat something else. Although it might just end up like Dark Types and just suck for the most part. Anyway I'm loving the look of these starters.  Definitely looking forward to this pokemon game. Not the 3D aspect but well its another Pokemon game. 

I look at this game and wha????  I mean I honestly think its just Mario Galaxy (which I didn't really like) but with Sonic.  And these enemies looks rather colorful compared to what I'm used to.  Although Sonic has taken that route. But like I said with Generations please don't take the route of being too easy and having lack of replay value.  

Well kinda obvious this is gonna happen.  Smash bros. is a rather famous game anyway.  Well I honestly hope that I don't get bored with this one like I did with Brawl. Brawl having a story mode added with other modes that were just boring kinda killed my joy of the game.  I don't care about tournament crap such as tripping, wave-dashing, blah blah blah.  But I would like game modes that are fun and keep me coming back. As for Megaman being in the game.  Meh whatever guest characters to me aren't that great anyway.

 Well maybe this Zelda game will actually be fun to play. I didn't like Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword honestly and the latest Zelda I've played was Windwaker. The whole gimmick of Link becomming one with a wall sounds like fun. Still don't like the whole 3DS thing though..

Someone will probably correct me on this but anyway.  I enjoyed the movie when I was young. And Music games usually do pretty good.  So if this is anything like the movie I look forward to it.

The company that apparently won E3. If its anything worth mentioning.  I honestly didn't see much from these guys.  They need more time to come with more games. 

Another Sequel. I was honestly content with the whole World ended and its all your fault ending. But I guess we gotta have some sort of happy ending.  Maybe this game will be our happy ending. Although from the trailers I'm not liking the fact that Lightning seems to be the only party member. 

Well this game is coming to PS3. I'm honestly excited due to its pretty much D&D arcade on a console and updated. (also made by Atlus).  

Why is Wolverine here. So does that mean we get useful party members?
I need far more content than what was provided. Yeah it looks nice but at the same time we waited this long.  Is this really gonna happen or do we wait a few more years. 
Yeah KHIII isn't gonna really happen. Its really just a remixed KH game and I told them slap KHIII on the cover. All part of my master plan. 

From what I've been hearing this is really FF Versus XIII. Which if that's the case I guess that's a good move on SE's part cause we don't want a Duke Nukem Forever to happen again.  

I haven't seen DDR on the shelves for awhile.  So I'm glad to see it coming back. I prefer it over the other dance games.  I'm not so sure about the dance pads. although they look sturdy, they also look expensive.  Also the use of a Sim Card to track your player data. I'm gonna lose that thing within the first week.

 Apparently Microsoft pissed off a lot of fans.  But at the same time it seems they fixed the problems.  No more paying extra for used games. No having to log in constantly to play.  Etc.  But well from what I've seen all the games seem to be M rated or just not interesting.

Someone actually got me interested in Lost Planet 3.  I mean in terms of FPS I would think its M rated but its not so I do have some interest to see how this game plays.  Other than that I want giant robot. Let me drive that and I'll be happy.

 Well I always love Killer Instinct as a series.  So seeing KI3 after SO MANY years is rather exciting. I am worried about this game being slapped with an M rating. Considering its track record before was borderline. But bring me Sabrewulf and Riptor.  Even though I'm a Jago user.

 WHAT THE ****!!!! I waited for over a year only to find out now you guys delay long enough to be thrown on the Xbox One.  I SAVED UP ALL THOSE POINTS FOR NOTHING!!!!   *twitch twitch*  Really hate you guys.  I wanted another Panzer Dragoon (even if this isn't Panzer Dragoon) for a long time thinking I'm gonna get it. Now I don't and gotta get Xbox One to play it.  -_- Real dick move guys. Real dick move....

That about wraps up these guys and there games there are others but I don't really feel like quoting them right now.