Monday, June 3, 2013

Okami Day 5: Don't Piss Off The Water Dragon

Well we're finally back. Now that I'm refreshed I have somewhat of an idea as to what to do now.  So lets get started.  So apparently this Fashion Designer in Sei-an City needs new designs and this random little girl has new ideas to draw.  Well that's obviously connected.  But seriously Drawing this Star....I'm not that great with the brush.  A heart too.  Ok....Well that's a ton of Praise.

This guy has another bounty hunting list. After glitching the game and freezing it. I figured out how to find these monsters on the bounty list somewhat. Basically examine what monsters are around during the day or kill them all then when it turns night the ones with a bounty are the only ones left in completely different spots.  Good thing its not randomly generated.  Well that's done with. Let's keep moving on.  I honestly don't think there's anything left I can do in this town....well there is find this thief.  But first lets see our Queen Himiko.

Ok so the guards are almost as bad as Metal Gear Solid guards.  Getting in to the place. I was expected? Ok...well then...sounds like boss fight coming.  I can't even cross this area its full of Lava! do you fill a temple made of wood with Lava?! So I can't do anything here yet. Let's see about Kaguya who left to see what was calling her.  Backtracking I go. So Kaguya is apparently some chick from space.  Ok....she goes back into space and leave me this item. I guess this is what I needed to advance the story. So back to Queen Himiko's place.

Now I can cross the lava. And even this save point and all this walking just says Boss Fight. But there's no boss?  So Queen Himiko explains that she couldn't help her people cause she was busy praying for a way to stop the source of all this trouble.  She can see the future too....ok...She even has this mirror, orb thing that apparently repels demons. So couldn't have just walked to the Emperor and purified him.  Solve the city's problems even temporarily and keep praying. Something doesn't make sense.  But she tells us that the reason the Water Dragon is pissed off cause of Oni Island and some other island. So she wants me go over there and solve the problem.  Fine I'm going.

So next up is Northern part of Ryoshima. Man this place is small and Waka's here....sigh.  Apparently he purified the area long before I got here....Hard to believe but thanks for saving me the trouble.  He says Issun could be this fake painter that made himself a sprite....Ok seriously Waka shut up...You bug me. With him gone lets have a look around this place.  Its that archer dude from before. Just practicing.  I'll help you later. Oh someone's getting bullied Better stop it.  So this fisherman says that some guy can take us to the town I need to get to if I wait overnight at the pier.  I'll try that. But first that Tower over there concerns me.  Let's Swim to it.  I don't think that Water Dragon will attack I mean he's all the way over there.

Water Dragon: GET THE **** OUTTA MY WATER!!!! *CHOMP*

Ok so Water Dragon is very territorial.  And this Fish Restaurant apparently needs a certain kind of fish. Looks like just like the other restaurant needs something to help them out and if I help them I get a new painting move. lets sleep at that dock.  And apparently this Giant fish shows up. And our new friend got denied a ride. But we get to ride to the town we need to go to.  I wanna see what these dragon ppl look like....oh but I gotta pass a trial first.  DOESN'T ANYONE KNOW WHO I AM!? I gotta find some whirlpool and that's gonna be my ticket to this town. I got a long trip on my hands but first since you're allowing me. Imma go see this Island. Full of Cats.

That's one tall tower.  And that's a lot of cats.  Wow that's a lot of climbing.  I don't care lets climb this thing.  Apparently this god of wall climbing was trapped here.  But lol poor Issun.  So I got the ability to climb walls.  Wait I know areas where I can climb walls. Time for some exploration and back tracking.