Friday, June 7, 2013

Okami Day 6: To Kill a Water Dragon

Ok after some much needed exploration and possible look at what's gonna happen next in the story.  Now we're faced how we're gonna get to this Dragonian palace.  Good thing Orca is unaffected by the Water Dragon's Attempts to eat us. But still that's some serious Jaws stuff there.  Hmm a fisherman out here.  Somebody call for the Fishing Master again?  Too bad I'm already here!  WOW That is a huge fish.  You're gonna drag that thing all the way back to the restaurant....I guess I'll follow. So this restaurant has the giant fish and this guy wants to cut it up.  Well guess I'll help out.  Got another paint technique time to try it out.  Wow this move might be broken. I'll keep it in mind.

So on this cliff this guy wants to see Shooting stars. that's easy. And also apparently this is the path to the Dragonian palace.  After spending some time trying to get it to open by drawing a whirlpool....geez got really annoying trying to draw it. the path finally opens.  So inside this palace I'm reminded of Susa Village with all those birds.  Only this time they're mermaids. After meeting Queen Otohime who explains that she's been waiting on me since I met Queen Himiko.  Well I guess we should cut to the chase then. So I'm told that they don't control the water dragon and basically it went berserk cause tried to fight off all the demons. So what I'm supposed to do is go inside it and pull this Dragon Orb out of it and maybe find the source of what made it berserk.  Sounds like there's something she's not telling us. So onwards to Jabu Jabu....I mean the Water Dragon's belly. The place looks fine to me.  As far as a water dragon's stomach goes anyway.  I mean I'm no doctor...After locating the Dragon orb its rather tied up by all this Stomach...Further in looks like Stomach acid fills the place. Or this area.  I wonder.....hmmm...shut up Issun I know what I'm doin.  Yep that should release the Dragon Orb and looky here a boss fight against a bunch of annoying foxes.  After dealing with that check it out this is probably why the Water Dragon went berserk it ate the Fox Rods Rau was looking for.....wait...but I thought these were a good thing....Something's not right. No time to think on that now gotta escape cause this Water Dragon has a bad case of Acid Reflux!!! RUN FOR IT!

So after that daring escape Rau shows up....wait how did she get down here, I thought this place was supposed to be sacred?  And how does she know about the Fox Rods. Ammy you're just gonna hand them over? Something ain't right.  And just like that Booby Lady is gone. She left in quite a hurry.  But anyway back to what's important we killed the Water Dragon. And the Water Dragon was a person.  He explains everything that happened up to this point and is happy for us getting the Dragon Orb...They knew....Otohime knew this would happen and pushed us into doing it.  From what Otohime explains she says that they'll do anything to ensure peace.  I wish I had that kind of resolve.  At that same time the Dragon Orb shows us a vision of Rau....being attacked....wait a minute...#$@&!!!!! We gotta book it!

So after running like crazy there's no sign of Rau anywhere.  Not even a sign of a struggle...something really not adding up...I was thinking Rau's a traitor but now...I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to fit it all together yet.  And then I find Rau's dead body and its been here for awhile it looks like...Ok so this Rau isn't the Rau we know.  So....ugh....better hurry to Himiko...And even Queen Himiko is dead.  We've been duped badly...and the one that duped us is this Imposter! So after fighting it out this imposter shows it's true form as Ninetails. Then goes to taunt us saying that if it was able to grow into its full size we wouldn't be alive right now.  Ninetails runs away back to Oni Island saying that he plans to attack and there's nothing we can do to stop him.  So after that Fox.  According to Issun....NO SHORTCUT'S, NO GETTING SIDETRACKED, RUNNING ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION!  Seriously we would be at Oni Island if I just warped there. I'm pissed too.

We make it to Oni Island only to find that there's no way to get to it.  Otohime shows up saying that she'll help us out. She turns into the Water Dragon and latches on to Oni Island....really you're willing to go that far....Well I gotta beat up a stupid fox anyway.  So this place is really just some stronghold and the demons live a sort of sophisticated life here.  Sorry to disturb your way of life but a fox has to die.  Climbing this thing is gonna take awhile.

So the team of this dungeon is apparently a recreational funhouse I guess?  Whatever And electricity. But mainly I gotta race this piece of paper.  After making it some ways up we find another god that was sealed away. I have electric powers now! Yay.  So after making it to the top time to settle things with Ninetails.  Wait I gotta paint him into existence?!  Ok....Dude you did the one thing that you shouldn't have done to me ever.  Pissed me off.  I'm not holding back on you.  Apparently this guy has my own paint moves?!  Well now...better give it everything you got cause I won't stop till your dead.  His sword is an obvious lightning rod and that's the Ninetails Downfall.  After its defeat I'm tired but apparently my next destination is up to the north.  But lets check out some other things first.

I give Queen Himiko a proper send off.  Which apparently unlocks a new water move.  Then I meet some old man that has an obsession with machines. Issun how do you know about copper wire?  New Thunder powers too.  Awesome.  And I'm starting to get tired maybe I should stop here but I need to catch a thief first.  So thanks to Amaterasu we have changed a thief's ways.  Wish it was that easy in real life.  The Emperor apparently found some new stuff to trade Demon Fangs now I gotta get like 270 demon fangs....ugh...well I'm buying this golden ink bottle.  I find out that this game sorta has its own bloody palace mode. I went back down the whole where I found that optional boss and find that there's demon gates here. Oh well for now lets head to the north.

So there's some random machine at Shishu Field that works of lightning. Well that was easy now we have an opening to up north.  So in these cold fields its a huge blizzard right now.  Things must be pretty bad here.  Hey a place to rest.  Nope some dude wants to challenge me to fight....bad timing...I'm really tired...but I'll give you a battle....This dude racks up damage quick I gotta stop playing around.  I thought it would be honorable not to use anything but my weapons but this guy just needs to be whooped.  And he turns into a wolf?!  Wha?....Yeah that Cyclone technique of mine is pretty cheap creates such a huge opening.  So just like Waka did before this guy is all like. You're not as good as your predecessor crap.  These punks are gonna stop comparing to these old legends....Anyway lets have a look around.  Hey its Kokari (is that his name) and Ume.  Back to fishing I see.  Some guy wants me to go on more bounty hunting.  I'll do that at some point.

So this village is all covered in Ice.  Did Gannondorf show up here and freeze it over just like Zora's Domain. hahahahahhaha...*is slapped*. Apparently Issun knows the place or use to live somewhere around here.  So I guess this village is full of people that can turn into dogs/ how do I join this tribe?  Apparently some girl ran off or was kidnapped and they need me to rescue her or there village is doomed to freeze to death.  Well that shouldn't be too hard. But honestly it looks like once I"m done here something big's gonna go down. I mean I look around find out some ship was frozen in a lake and apparently it was evil and destroyed the gods living place. The monsters have gotten tougher. Waka shows up...come to think of it...I think Waka has a lot to do with this more than he lets on.  Ugh...I'm too tired to think about all this now. I'll figure it out later....I'm going to sleep.