Monday, June 10, 2013

Okami Day 7: Gods Can Time Travel Apparently

So first thing lets get a bit of grinding done.  For demon fangs and money.  I did a bit off screen to save some upload time.  After managing to get what I needed I'm a little surprised. For one a new taunt apparently involves Ammy taking a dump for more demon fangs.....Uh....ok....I'm honestly rather speechless now....Anyway...the last set of things to buy with demon fangs. An item that lets Issun steal items, and one that makes Ammy Jesus....(walk on water).  Where was this item awhile back when I was running for my life from the Water Dragon?

Back up here in Kamui I'm sick of these Blockhead enemies. I actually had to take my video camera and record where to hit the spots....ugh....But lets take down some assassin monsters while I'm here.  Then we move on to this Forest of Yoshpet apparently dog ppl can't handle the scent here for long.  So what's to say for god dogs?  Anyway I'm gonna have to take time to run through here and collect all the praise and other stuff lying around here later on. Even though there's a time limit.  Upon making it to the middle still haven't found the lost little Lika but found what looks to be a little tree stump.

Apparently Issun is from here.  But doesn't wanna revisit his home.  Wonder why.  But looking through this place a lot of ppl already recognize Ammy as a god.  This village was made to help teach others about the gods of Nippon.  How nice.  They were also trained to help out the gods when in need. So apparently an Issun. Running into Issun's daddy he talks to Ammy as if she's Shiranui the last god.  Ammy well doesn't care...apparently Shiranui acted the same as well.  From what I hear Issun ran off cause his dad was too hard on him.  Well moving on I find some random shop that's supposed to make a seal for me?  And apparently I'm not ready to fight the darkness yet?  When am I ready?  So she lets me draw my own sign for this seal.  I drew the sign for Earth in Japanese.  Was gonna be mole but that sign is long.  After I draw the sign she tells me to get out.  Then locks the door.  So I guess I'll come back later.

Moving on through the forest even more apparently Lika went beyond the spirit gate.  A place that invites misfortune...wonder why they say that. So this Spirit Gate is right here and Lika isn't around....hmmm....guess we better go in...And we end up transported to Kamiki?  Wait wha?  After taking some time to look around find that this is Kamiki village of the past.  And well we just screwed up the past.  Cause we beat up Nagi....Um...uh oh.  Looks like its time to fix this. I'm sure nothing significant will happen if change the past a little right?  So we change Nagi's clothes to look like the maiden of sacrifice to Orochi. Yep Orochi again.  Well as we're walking to meet with Orochi. He snatches Nagi then throws him out.  Guess Orochi isn't gonna fall for the old dress up like a girl routine. And once again we're trapped behind a barrier.  Guess we gotta fight his full power....without all the brush techniques...well now.....uh...OKI what are you doing here?!  Oki does the crazy thing and attacks Orochi with that sword of his and it doesn't work...big surprise...well time to fight Orochi I his full power...without all the brush techniques....I GET IT ISSUN STOP REMINDING ME!!!

Well after a repeat boss fight Orochi goes down and we find Lika somehow stuck in Orochi's back??? huh? Nagi shows up to try and save the day....he's worse than Susanoh...sigh...Well I guess this is the time to celebrate but something's missing...why didn't Ammy die in this battle like Shiranui did...oh that's why the giant rock is supposed to try and kill OMG NO!!! Now Shiranui shows up so the time stream is back to normal?  Well besides that we better get out of here.  After another daring escape.  We find ourselves back at the present.  Lika is safe and Oki apparently ran off...

Well now next bit gotta get Lika to the volcano to recite the incantation for making the volcano erupt. But its not working and to make things worse we have "The Day of Darkness" creeping up on us. Oki is many problems.  Well maybe I can stop the blizzard.  So temple of ice this is...first time I'm in an ice area and not excited for it.  Luckily this place is short. After taking some time to figure out the puzzle and finding out I missed a door.  A somewhat easy climb we find a machine making the blizzard. This puzzle isn't complicated.  And with that the final brush god!  Check it out I can do Ammy's Super now!  ^_^  So climbing up even further we find the demon behind all this...I thought they were twins.  Oh well take this down....wait Shiranui....WHY ARE YOU HERE?!  Shiranui practically 1 ups me in everything.  After this boss goes down Oki shows 3 on 1....nope....Oki gets stupid and the Demon's twin shows up...Then we get Za Warudo'd........Shiranui sacrifices herself to save Oki and gets fatally wounded....They'll pay for this. Oki finally learns what it means to PROTECT THOSE AND HOW HIS STUPID SWORD WORKS!

So finishing the dungeon arrive at the end and looks like we're gonna fight them both at the same time....but I'm worried about being Za Warudo'd again....Lets fight it I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out.  Well this fight is pretty easy...and we show them the REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!!! Yeah...ok....After taking them down we see the sad fate of Shiranui. Dude's gotta go die back in his own time...But well we won...and Kamui isn't gonna freeze to death cause the volcanoes erupted.

Oh wait but there's bad news.  The darkness from the demons rose out of these bosses....More bad news all the darkness gathered in place. EVEN MORE BAD NEWS!!!! The Ark of Yamato said to be a ship that was frozen in ice forever that apparently the demons rode on has rose out of the lake!  AND MORE BAD NEWS!!! The Day of Darkness is fast approaching what does that mean for Ammy?!  MORE BAD NEWS!!! This looks like the final dungeon!  Wait...that's actually not so bad....

Well I'm getting vibe that the end is upon us. For this game. For Ammy. For the world of Nippon.....I'M NOT GETTING ON THAT SHIP JUST YET!!!  I'm going to sidequest first.  I'm coming back prepped and ready for this.  Need to find Power Slash 3.....And to think I got this far without a guide.