Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Okami: Day FINAL - The Day of Darkness

Sidequest Before I get pissed and say I'll Do It Later

Ok Lets search around I gotta find that Power Slash 3. I mean there's obviously a Power Slash 3 considering Power Slash 2 isn't enough to break certain rocks.  And lo and behold it was under my nose the whole time. I must've passed it like 19 times without knowing the camera really knows how to hide stuff.  Well Power Slash 3 was sorta unneccessary. I found at this point I have way more than enough praise among other things to max out my health and my Pouch.  Wow.  Fun.  Oh well nice to have.

The 5 er...8?! Canine Warriors strike again.

Revisiting some old areas we find Princess Fuse properly training her doggies. Speaking of I need to feed mine.  Anyway They challenge me to match....Apparently they're stronger than Orochi.....Yeah right....If you're better than Oki was maybe you'll be a threat.  HOLY CRAP That's quite the speed boost.  I can't keep track of em all.  And to push me into a corner like this....Guess I better get serious too.  Hold up the other 3 showed up outta nowhere? How?  Wait another Fight?!  WHAT IS THIS!!!! YOU DIDN"T SAY THERE WOULD BE 3 FIGHTS IN A ROW!!! After that little skirmish.  They now have a new benchmark to train to.  Well that'll be fun if that happens again

This Race....***** be cheatin!!!!

Kai challenges Ammy to a race. Through those not so lost woods.  Accepted the challenge unknowingly how bad the odds are stacked against me.  Not only is it the same crap with all those traps.  I now have to beat her to the finish line.  She doesn't even need time to reach max speed.  WTF!!! And the one time I thought I left her in the dust and have some good distance SHE SHOWS UP IN THE NEXT AREA IN FRONT OF ME!!! THIS CHEATIN ***** ARGH!!!!!  This took too long.....too frustrating.....ARGH!!! I HATE YOU!!!! After that rage moment she's finally beaten easily.  Now I can move on.

There's honestly nothing left to do. I managed to find the last weapon I'm missing.  Now I wonder where the Gold Dust is?  You know what screw it....I'm done lets beat the game. I could hunt for all those Stray Beads but that'll take forever without a guide...I'll do it some other time.

The Day of Darkness Is Here

So lets board this Ark of Yamato.....apparently I need resolve cause this is THE POINT OF NO RETURN!!! But Ammy...I don't want our adventure to end.  But I guess the world does need saving...and there's no other way....I kinda know this will be our last time together but lets make the best of it.  Issun says that he's jumping ship....after we came so far together. You're gonna abandon us now?!  I know you were only in it for yourself but....Come on....we couldn't have gotten this far without you...So...that's how its gonna be. In the end you're nothing but a greedy, selfish, pervert, who only looks out for himself...Oh great Waka's here.  Sigh...this is not the time.  Waka taunts Issun with the truth saying only those worthy can get on the ship anyway and it turns out like always he was right....but why is to come with us....I kinda figured stuff out at this point but....who's side is he on?  So regardless of whether Issun wanted to come or not he didn't have a ticket....

And now onboard as usual Waka is no where in sight...sigh...he's probably final boss or doing something stupid related to it.  And now all these Celestial Beings....Cough cough.


They explain that they've been waiting for Ammy's return to set things right and that she fought Orochi years back.  Apparently a lot of crap went down in 200 years.  But while we do that. Boss RE-FIGHTS GO! And there's my last 2 Gold Dust...SERIOUSLY!!! WHY WOULD YOU PUT THEM ON THE SHIP!  ITS POINT OF NO RETURN!  I MEAN THERE'S NO AREA LEFT FOR ME TO DO ASIDE FROM THOSE DEMON GATES I FOUND BUT STILL WHY SELL IT HERE?!!

Sigh I'm calm now.  Apparently Waka's upstairs fighting.  Fighting What?  Who? Guess I'll find out...And so that giant Ball is Yami the King of Darkness.  But Looking at it...Design needs work and isn't he some dude in Yugioh Season 1?  Anyway Waka explains how this is all his fault but will fight till his last breath to correct it.  At the same time thanks to the day of darkness We just lost all our power....Ammy's just a mere dog now....this is bad.....Waka is blown away and its just Me and Ammy vs. this big guy. How am I supposed to fight without any power?  Whatever we can't give up now. Gotta find someway.

So just hitting seems to work and eventually brush techniques or the gods power came back one by one.  With this boss getting pissed off.  But we can't give up I've fought uphill battles before and this is nothing! Push on!  With the boss transforming and using attacks that are reminiscent of things done in older dungeons this was easy.  We evened the odds and beat down Yami....Guess we win?....But the victory howl is not the same without Issun here....*smack* just like that we're beaten down with nothing left.  This can't be how it ends....But I'm out of ideas here.... I hate to say it but I think its over...But we came so far...It can't end like this...

Then like all Final boss fights with the prayers and hopes of the people and Issun's epic artwork.  Ammy's back in the fight! *sniffle cry* Well if that's the case *drys tears* I can't believe I lost faith like that. *deep breath* It's time I showed you...WHAT I'M TRULY CAPABLE OF! *plays UNCHAIN∞WORLD*

Victory assured let out one final victory howl. Waka's alive to ruin this moment but I suppose its for the better. Time for everyone to go there separate ways. Watching the ending.  I feel happy.  Although I'm gonna miss those 2.  The final totals came up and wow.  Pretty much S Rank everything.  Only thing I can unlock that's left now is those Stray Beads. There's way more than enough praise to max out everything.  And now there's a NG+ and I can play as Ammy in various forms.  Cool.

I enjoyed this game to the full. Even if other people don't wanna watch it on YT. I don't care I liked this one. Shame you guys won't see this till like end of July LOL.  Sorry.  This is definitely one of the great games of PS2's era. From what I hear the Wii version got gypped in some things. But then there's also Okamiden. Took them forever to make a sequel that they were hinting on making. LOL.