Friday, June 14, 2013

Podcast Update June 2013 Mid-Month Update - Lets Talk Games

Well quite a few things have happened this month.

  • managed to have enough for a new PSP 3000 model so I can get back to PSP playthroughs
  • Found a far better program than recommended for video conversion as well as decent editing
  • Took a youtube course on ways to improve my YT channel and finished it.
  • I'm practically a month ahead in uploads
  • etc etc
I'm pretty much taking this time to ignore my thoughts on the viewers and such cause when I think about that I have nothing but negative to say on it.  Believe me I have a lot of negative things to say on it but rather not do another podcast of it. 

I can honestly say Okami is just about done as well as Virtua Quest. So now's the time to try and fill in those slots with a suggestion for another game preferably on my list so by next month you guys may have something to watch.  Seriously its the best way to see what you want to see instead throwing random suggestions at me.  Leave a comment on the YT channel under the discussion tab or send me a Private Message (PM).  

I have not looked at E3 yet.  I've been swamped with many other things to do and I rather wait for all the hype to go down so I can just read about the whole thing.  I personally would not like to share my thoughts on E3 since I don't really care for it.  I'm more concerned about games that are out now or coming next month.  But I guess I'll make separate podcast on that issue at a later date.

I honestly believe that's it in terms of updates.

Virtua Quest Playlist -

Okami Playlist -

Sonic Adventure DX -

Okami Boss Fights -