Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blazblue CS Extend I would hope everyone knows this game by now.

I shouldn't have to explain this game. I mean its been out for years and Chrono Phantasma is right around the corner. Anyway as far as changes go I can't really say much I'm not that technical I just wanna fight.  Most I can say is that Lamda's 5C can held down to get all 8 Hits instead of tapped.

I honestly wanna learn Relius but the few times I've played with him I can see where he'll have problems.   He needs his doll maybe even more than Carl does.  I don't feel confident to try him out online yet.  

First few days of online I found nothing but players that will spam online tactics or abuse beginner mode. Had to find a way to crawl away from there. I eventually just started doing custom search and found much better players. Although I ended up losing a lot I felt better fighting those guys than people that aren't at the same level as me.

In terms of favorite matches I found that an Arakune player was giving me the business. I'm pretty sure someone will go that he sucks. But I liked fighting him. He was rather consistent with combos and built the curse gauge pretty quick. I honestly never fought an Arakune player well a real one anyway and that was pretty fun. It took awhile but I finally managed to win one (out of like 20 matches) against him.  Regardless it was fun. Which I wouldn't say about most fighting games as I generally find the complete opposite when I play online.

Probably my favorite win is with Hakumen who I never really play with often. His combos are honestly way too hard for me to master. Especially since I'm reliant on the D button as the starter.  I'm pretty sure there's combos without it I'm just not used to it yet however. Also surprised me that I have Jin down slightly better than I did before. Makes me glad I left a couple of bad friends behind since they were holding me back. (Being honest I mean those guys always kept telling me BS in and never once encouraging).  Anyway maybe next times set of matches will be better.