Monday, July 29, 2013

Crash Mind Over Mutant Kinda Fell on a Low Point

Considering this is generally the last Crash Bandicoot Game we'll see. You'd expect it to go out with a bang. This kinda fell into dud territory. The comedy is there the Crash style is there. Just something missing.

The Game takes place exactly 1 year after Crash of the Titans ended sorta funny considering the release timeline as well.  We're all taking a break and Dr. Cortex comes out with a new evil invention to take over the world. And with the power of the Home Shopping Network he might succeed. So now Crash must journey across Wumpa island and put a stop to this plan before Cortex succeeds.

Instead of Crash progressing through 20 - 40 minute stages like in Titans. He's now journeying across a world map sorta Jak and Daxter style completing various task.  I actually favor this a bit considering the stage gameplay for me took way too long to sit through in Titans and I never had any idea on when a stage was going to end.

Also a good note instead of Crash being forced to switch titans/Mutants he can actually store one in hammer space use it when he feels like.  However the choice of Titans/Mutants can be rather limited at times since a lot of them are prone to only 1 area and there's the fact that some are just going to be absolutely useless when compared to others.  Heck there's times where I had to forcibly abandon one of my jacked creatures to progress the story.  This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to run back to a particular spot on the map and hope that there still around.  Its still a nice mechanic. The downside to the whole Titan/Mutant mechanic is the fact that there's some that just far outclass the others in everything. Its a bad case of anything you can do I can do better.  There's quite a few that I just never ever saw again as well or got to use after I passed the halfway point of the game.

The controls can be pretty slippery at times.  There's a few trouble spots you'll get into that just make the game annoying when it comes to jumping. Combat has been made a lot easier since the last game. You don't have to worry about going up the food chain to get stronger mutants to beat the boss like before. Really you can just whoop everything with Crash alone unless otherwise pointed out to you.  Leveling up rather lost its meaning as well. While you do get upgrades to health, strength and other stats its rather meh with the items laid about through the game to pretty much allow you to breeze through the game.

The maps are well thought out. They aren't too big or too long. I only had a few areas where I was absolutely annoyed in cause of the method of how to do it.  Like I mentioned before there's some areas where you're pretty much going to have to abbandon your Creature and pick the new one conviently laid out before you.

The cutscenes were rather silly. The classic 4th wall breaking, movie referencing jokes I'm used to hearing.  Its definitely entertaining to hear while playing the game.  My main downside to this game was the ending however.  While Crash usually does a congratulations you beat the game here's your ending bit. This one felt like it was missing something.  There's also no 100% complete ending or hard mode ending available either. So there's honestly no reason to continue the game unless you just wanna see all the concept art and skins available.

I really wish Crash didn't end the way it did. And I wish there were more Crash games after this but sadly this is probably the very last we'll see of the Bandicoot.  I can see why this game didn't do well. It is fun to say the least but its short lived. Definitely try to get an older Crash game if you can. This one is more of a rental.