Monday, July 1, 2013

Podcast YT Channel Update End of June 2013 (or Beginning July 2013)

Well not much going on.  Actually a lot going on.  But anyway Getting started.

PSP's a Dud :( 

I found the PSP I bought (for like 60 bucks) on Ebay was a dud.  While the description says its fully working. I found that it can't read UMD discs.  Meaning the games I wanted to play through can't be done until I get a new one.  I can play downloaded titles and ISO's but still.  I wanted to return it but since the shipping is coming out of my pocket It wouldn't be worth the refund to return the PSP (especially since its international shipping). I work that out later.

Suggested Games

About 2 weeks ago I posted a video asking what game you guys wanted to see.  I got a few interesting suggestions.  Although some of the titles I found were rare titles...When I saw them going for over $100 bucks I kinda died in my seat.  But I worked with it and I have a few games I'm getting soon.  You'll see what they are soon enough.

Month of 100% 

I'm still working out the details but I plan to do what I would call A Month of 100%. Where I go back to some games and try and finish them 100%.  I generally left them because I have many other games to play through or I just lost interest. So I figure why not try now to 100% them.  I have quite a few to 100% Picking out which one to do first might be a problem but right now I have more of a problem with setting up to stream again.

EVO 2013

I'm honestly not too interested in EVO especially for this year.  A lot of the games selected for EVO I'm not interested in for the most part.  Other games well I already know what to expect (I.E. Marvel 3). I rather see more SCV, TTT2, or games I generally only play other than japanese players.  But if anything I wanna see the grand finals. Since I only care for who wins.  But that's how I feel about it. I know there are others that watch and will say, "This player sucks" "I'm better than he/she is"  All I can say to that is, you're not at EVO are you?

Well that about covers this month.  If I think of anything else then I'll put it in the midmonth podcast or a different video.