Monday, August 19, 2013

A Not a Podcast Update But An Update for Mid August 2013

Well a lot of good and bad has happened over the course of this month. Seriously a lot of good and bad.

Got A PS3

I went out and bought a PS3. I have Dragon's Crown and Tales of Xillia with it.  Not much else. I have been playing Gundam Breaker (Beta version) and a little bit of Tekken Revolution but that's it.  I honestly was hoping I'd have some friends to share some games with but that might not be the case anyway I have to wait to buy any new games.

Death in My Family, and Outside Family Sucks

This one rather tore me up inside my Great Uncle passed due to cancer. Doctor said it was bound to happen but he passed on the day I thought I should go see him.  To add to it my family is rather blech in this regard. Considering the events that happened up to this point I'm pretty much the black sheep of the family but more so on the fact that I generally don't exist to them.  I'm more like the guy who plays secretary when they call for my mom and sister.  Sad bit of truth to deal with right there. I wanna snap on them and call them out for it but little good that'll do me. It actually frustrated me to the point where I had a headache and had to actually just lay in bed a couple of days.

Youtube Groups Are Just *I can't even think of the word right now*

41 Comments and Counting. I honestly wish they shut up at this point -_- No offense to them.

Funny story. I recently jumped into the Youtube Google+ Group.  And asked them what should I do to get more views.  I pretty much got the answers from the Youtube Creator Handbook but to make it rather worse all the stuff these users were telling me made it sound like I did everything absolutely wrong.  I might've comprehended it wrong but it sounded like they were telling me to just redo absolutely everything down from channel design to all 7000+ videos.  The commentary issue arose again out of that saying that I should give commentary on everything. What these guys don't notice is that whenever I do commentary there's far less views going about there than non-commentary stuff.  Another guy mentioned doing Intro's and Outro's for every video that says I'm going to do this in XXXX video.  I think that's honestly stupid for the reason that you have a title and a thumbnail to do that for you. Personally I hate Intro's and outros.  They waste time from the main point of the video.  I already mentioned why I hate commentary before so I won't go there.

The way these guys kept coming at me about it all to me sounded like these guys were successful by following the handbook. Funny part of this story is when they said I should check there channel I did.  I found that they're doing far worse than I am in every category.  Granted there channels were created in 2012-2013. But these guys sounded to me like they were truly successful and had massive amounts of ppl always watching.  To add to it the things they were telling me to do, they weren't exactly following either.  So I don't wanna call em hypocrites but at the same time...I can only take there advice worth a grain of salt in this matter.

Dragon's Crown: I Need Friends

This is a Fun Game. Only thing that really sucks (aside from guys like MasterLL breaking it and setting standards)  is the fact that you have to play offline for half the game before you're allowed online.  Overall I do find this fun if you're not playing Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles of Mystara then you're likely playing this.  I just got access to online last night. Now I need friends to play this with. Not likely going to find any since this game is somewhat a few weeks old and most of the ppl I know already passed this game or just won't get it.  And FF14 (ugh) came out.

Tales of Xillia (Tales of Meh)

Usually when I play a Tales of title I do feel compelled to play and learn the game. This game is not that case.  Its too easily broken to the point that you're almost encouraged to break the game.  Yeah there's the fact that bosses cannot be comboed. But I don't care for that.  But you can literally break the game pretty early and get your party the best equipment, as well as max level without putting forth much effort.  While the characters may be good. Its very hard not to be broken in the game even if you're not trying it can happen on accident.  While the game supposedly to fixed this problem in the US version I find that highly unlikely. Story is decent but I don't find myself attached to any of the characters really.  I honestly would rather play Tales of Rebirth or Tales of Hearts R if I could.

That's about it for this mid-month update I'll see you guys on the first of Sept. with another.