Thursday, August 1, 2013

Podcast Update for End of July 2013

Sorry for the lack of update at mid month. I had a lot going on. From games to organizing  my youtube to catching up on life.  I've been rather busy.

If you didn't notice I've been uploading Skylanders. and guess what its with commentary!?  But there's also a non-commentary version available as well. Its a co-op with my younger sister.  We're trying our best here with this one.  So I encourage ppl to check it out.

As for the games you guys requested when I put that video up. I must apoligize. I'm doing my best to get those games but recently my track record with good sales on ebay have been rather dismal. So I'm still working to get those suggested titles.

As for EVO I have no idea who won or what and I haven't really seen videos of the grand finals for any matches.  Just hearing unconfirmed rumors of who won and lost.  So I can't comment much on it.  Except Ultimate Marvel 3 has changed to a point to where I shouldn't even bother to try and play anymore.  Unless a patch happens I don't stand a chance against any player in existence lol.

I'm personally working out an upload schedule. Or at least a game schedule. Its pretty rough work. Especially getting myself known on social network sites.  It just doesn't come easy to me.

Anyway that's about all I can update on for now. Keep dropping those suggestions.  Back to gaming I go.