Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rant Time *Subscribers/Viewers Constantly Flip-Flop*

Just relieve some stress. But lately I look at my channel and I think, "My Channel should be doing better than what it is." While I look at my friends channels who do practically the exact same thing I do I fail to see the reason why my channel falls to the way side.  The only main difference is that I don't play M rated titles for my channel. So I always go what is this person doing that I'm not?

When I ask others that question I get a ton of responses with suggestions to try. I try each and every one of them and it appears they just don't work.  In fact I would say those suggestions fare far worse than what I'm currently doing. And I can provide tons of examples.  But when I return to ask again what's wrong, what do you want, etc. It seems that I'm told the same exact crap answers as before.  Especially in regards to commentary.

I'm told hey do commentary on your videos. The problem I have with that aside from not liking to do it. Is that even fewer people watch it.  I personally hate commentary and I think that if people are so reliant on it that they can't live without a complete strangers input then I don't know what to tell ya.  As hypocritical as it may sound I just wonder who takes a complete stranger's thoughts seriously unless its that person's job.

Personally I think that there's something nobody is bringing to my attention as to what that problem is.  So really I'm just taking random potshots to get a response and hoping for good results.  I'm constantly told that its the fact that I don't do commentary, I'm not up to date, I play too many games, I play too few games, the list goes on and eventually contradicts itself.  Going on my own merits clearly isn't working so I don't have a choice but to follow the random suggestions I'm given.  The only thing that makes this as stupid as it sounds.  Is the fact that the people that offer suggestions are no longer around after they drop it.

Its beyond frustrating. In fact the only thing I can say is that I had a lot more viewers/subscribers back when I wasn't a youtube partner.