Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yugioh Tag Force 6 - Its Old And We're Getting a New Yugioh Game Soon But Lets Talk About it

I usually wouldn't talk about japanese games cause well US players among many other players probably won't understand a thing. Heck I barely understand anything going on in these games.  But I'll give it my best shot.

In terms of what this game is about. Its Yugioh.  Plain and simple.  You play card games but without actually owning any cards against an AI or another person who has this game.  From what I've took note in this game you're thrown into the 5Ds Universe and there's a World Tournament going on.  So what else is there to do but to win it right? Let me tell you my experiences with this game.

My History with Yugioh and English Patched ISO?!

Pretty much anything After the 2nd season of GX (Rainbow Dragon) was all new to me. I stopped watching and playing Yugioh all together.  Pretty much I grew out of the whole thing I liked to collect the cards and make decks mainly dragon decks and beast decks or really decks that revolved around monsters I liked in the series.  I eventually quit cause the hobby was far more expensive than playing videogames.  I ended up either selling my cards or throwing em away (I know there's some ppl out there that are like, "Why'd you throw em away you idiot?!").  I didn't really enjoy the show much except the GX series when it showed in the US and they got up to the Rainbow Dragon Saga before I couldn't see it on TV anymore.  Next time I see it again its called 5Ds. I watched maybe 3 episodes of it before I just said screw it.  I figured that Yugioh series was generally abusing the same formula of save the world from this evil dark dude with card games and honestly I wasn't feeling the whole motorcycle bit.  I liked GX cause all the decks used were pretty much themed decks being used properly.  It wasn't like the original series which only had cool monsters and lucky wins at the last minute all the time.  Eventually I heard GX took a turn in the series that made me go "Bleh" so I was pretty much done with them.  I only liked seeing the cool monsters anyway.

On with the actual game. Well first off my sister picked this game up somehow from someone she knows.  I don't know who.  And touched this game once.  She doesn't understand how to play Yugioh at all and just likes the looks of the monsters. So this game collected dust. Make note that PSP is region free and that this game only came out in Japan.  A US version was never made one reason was due to PSP's unpopularity in the US. Another reason was due to the release of the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.  So I tried to play this game in pure japanese first. Big Mistake. I didn't understand a lot of cards that were pretty much new to me.  Having not watched 5Ds or the new series ZeXaL made me go ????? when I saw some of the cards.  I eventually found an english patched ISO online and installed that to my PSP.  While the dialogue was still japanese the card text was in english to where I could understand it.  It was quite a relief to have that patch.

Making Friends or Enemies

This is probably my hated aspect of the game. While you could roam around the city and duel anyone you liked. There were 2 problems with the game. 1 You don't have a lot of cards. 2 - Apparently some of the cards were only obtained by being friends with certain characters.  Oh joy.  So the way to make friends is to talk to NPCs or should I say the important characters of 5Ds and get them to like you enough.  There are different ways to go about it each of em rather slow in there own regard.  Talking to them to try and cheer them up by giving the best response possible This was easy since I just had to make sure I lined up the responses right but the friendship meter in the corner of my screen didn't fill up much.  Play the "Guess which card this is game" this little game has its issues one I don't know all the cards and 2 the english patch gives me issues from time to time with this a good example was that one of the cards wasn't translated or really I should say an error in it where the card was called "Fairy's Meteor Crush" instead of the monster's actual name whatever it is.  Then there's giving that so called friend a gift. I tried to give a gift but the gifts are all in japanese so I don't know what I'm giving these ppl in fact I actually pissed some of them off in doing so.  Then there's play "How do you Synchro Summon XXXX Card?" Game.  Its simple once you understand how synchro summoning works....-_-....The last method to make friends is of course by dueling them.  Good luck with that.

Deck Making

Well its obvious I wasn't gonna sit with the in-game starter deck and play my way to the top with those cards that I didn't understand how to use.  I ended up finding a save file of someone having all the cards and no progress in the game. I used that to get all the cards in the game. Too bad I can't change the name.  Little did I know that was the start of my troubles with Deck Building.  While I could remake my old decks I eventually came across even cooler monsters I wanted to use and just threw them in my deck which made them huge and I found out the game doesn't let you build a deck over 75 cards. Even more so you can't play with a deck over 60 cards.  LOL.  But they're all so cool.  After begging and groveling friends that know how to play the game to fix my deck I took there advice (Some of it not all of it) and got a deck built. Took me awhile to understand XYZ and Synchro summon monsters.  Although I have more trouble building decks to assist my tag partners as well as myself.  There's too many cool monsters here.


While I'm used to 1 on 1 like the game title implies this game is more about Tag Team Duels.  So a lot of the game is pretty much focused on you having a buddy duel with you.  Oh boy this let me get to know the 5Ds characters a lot.  Mainly there playstyles and how much some of there decks need fixing. I first partnered with Yusei the main character and found out he likes to Synchro EVERYTHING on the field.  Not only were his turns 15 minutes or longer I sometimes ended up raging cause he would take my cards that I intended to use for another purpose and well Synchro them.  Other characters I appreciated them either having my back or me backing them up.  Well except Luna (Ruka??? in japanese) I had too many moments where I would wonder does she know how to play this game at all.  There were plenty of moments where I was just yelling, "PLAY THAT CARD!!! ARGH!!!!"

Overall I appreciated how the AI wasn't like the older Yugioh games I played. The older ones had this AI that somehow knew your cards before you even played them or got them in your hand.  To make it worse They would have cards they're not supposed to have at least anime wise and play those pretty much make you feel like crap.  Not fun.  This game has a decent AI if they do screw you over you kinda know its coming but its fair.  I would only yell when the duel drags out way too long and I'm about to win.

Story Mode

While I don't understand a thing going on in this game when it comes to the storyline apparently it more or less replays events that happened in the anime itself but in a tag duel format.  I would at least feel like I have played a part in the storyline a bit the way this game is setup.


I really wish the game wouldn't hold me hostage as to building friendships with characters. I do love the deck building and the AI is definitely refreshing over the older games I've played.  The card selection is vast beyond my imagination.  I do like this game too bad it never came in English officially.