Monday, October 28, 2013

Podcast Not So Update for Oct/Nov 2013 Q&A

Well I actually don't have much if anything to talk about in terms of updates unless I make up something on the spot. So I guess I'll do some FAQ's. Now I reworded the questions a bit to remove as much of the rather explicit words or make them understandable cause a lot of these questions make no sense or are just downright disrespectful. This also protects that person from any backlash unless someone goes out of there way to hunt down the person who asked this question (yes there are people that do that).  Anyway on with the questions.

1. Are you ever gonna get Pokemon X/Y?
I've considered it but with the whole thing about a desktop I don't have the money to get it right now. I did find a Desktop that's pretty good and has everything I want for 400 bucks.  Even more so I've been on and off about the game. There's things I like about it but there's things I don't like about it.  Along with the fact that ppl wanna see 3DS capture card quality instead of Webcam. I heard the guy that does capture cards isn't really doing em I found another guy that even has DIY 3DS capture cards.

2. Do you plan on buying an Xbox One and Killer Instinct 3?
The same with a 3DS and Pokemon. I don't have the money right now.  I kinda want KI3 at the same time I'm not sure about it. Really I want Crimson Dragon that may go the way of Duke Nukem Forever thanks to all the delays it had.

3. Do you plan on getting a PS4?
Feel I'm repeating myself lol.  Not really. There's nothing on it that screams for me to buy it.

4. Are you getting Blazblue Chrono Phantasma?
I want to but money lol.  I actually looked to see if my friends downloaded it to gameshare so I would just go get the DLC and be done with it. But just about everyone got a physical copy. And those that downloaded it I don't know that well anyway so I don't expect them to gameshare it with me. I also don't have much to offer in return either lol.

5. Why won't you accept that Kira Yamato's actions are complete and utter BS compared to the other Gundam Series? *Rest of the message removed due to rather innapropriate and unclear words*
This is because I feel its nothing new. Its fictional writing for one so the impossible "BS" stuff is rather common. Also in terms of Gundam series regardless of whether its unexplained, how many times it was done, it really doesn't push one character beyond another to me. If I said one character was complete and utter BS then I have to say everyone else is as well.  Honestly if it bothers you so much that I accept I think you should rewrite the story yourself. Besides these plot holes leave for some interesting thoery's and creative responses as to what happened.

6. Are you getting Wii U with Smash Bros. 4?
Back to PS4, Xbox One, 3DS. I don't have the money for it. I am interested in getting it.  But no money right now.

7. Could you do a run of games that aren't blind runs?
Not issue is. Its not that fun for me. While I don't mind spoilers from reading guides. I do mind the fact that things become way too easy cause I read the guide or find a video showing how this person did this.  I end up thinking less of the game due to having that knowledge of how to handle things.

8. Are you gonna do Skylanders: SWAP Force Commentary with your sister?
Its not likely to happen. My sister officially started College and also started a job. While she's not away at dorm or anything like that.  The problem is she gets really tired after she does all that and pretty much goes to sleep as well as not feeling up to doing anyting.

9. Hey could you use this song in this video when you record next?
I can but you gotta let me know far in advance.  Otherwise likely I'll end up past that part you want and I don't make multiple saves of my games.

10. Why won't you play M Rated games?
To put it simply.  My friends and my attitude is the reason why. Before when I was playing M Rated games I noticed that they did start to get worse and worse. But I didn't care. What I didn't realize was that my attitude was worse and I was attracting the wrong friends around with me and well like a sponge I ended up absorbing the traits and the some of things they did. That's not to say the friends I have now are bad and I'm not calling you out.  Anyway a friend actually sat me down and explained things. It literally made me think. While videogames aren't the sole reason it is a factor and I went ahead and changed it along many other things.

11. Why won't you do commentary over this game?
Cause I just don't like commentary. Personally when I do commentary especially alone I don't have much to say. I'll laugh with the funny parts. But I'm not prone to thoughts about the game while playing it. Especially games that are old.

12. Why don't you do a donation stream I got money I wanna give you?
Well honestly I don't wanna do it. I don't really have much of anything to give back. So why should I be like give me money. Even when I had the paypal donate up I went whatever no one's gonna donate anyway.  But if you really feel like giving money to me thanks. And I won't stop you.

If you got any other questions you can post them if I get enough I'll do another Q&A video.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma TGS Character Showcase

For those that didn't know.  TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and a little before TGS aired. Aside from the announcement of the two console exclusive characters Kagura Mitsuki and Yuuki Terumi.  We got announcement of another console exclusive character.


Yep one of the most fan wanted characters to be playable in the game has stepped into the ring.  Her debut was a great one as well.

Kokonoe is quite the setup heavy character. She uses most of her specials for zoning purposes.  When the player feels ready or has the right setup Kokonoe can rush in and create some rather fancy combos with ease. She doesn't have that much life going for her but still better than Carl's I would say she's slightly better than Ragna's life.  The main special that shows for Kokonoe is a magnetic gear like special. Normally it'll draw the opponent towards it unless the player inputs another command which will repel the opponent.  She also has a fireball special that tracks the Magnetic gear. She also has a teleport move not as great as Arakune's but gets the job done when planning cross-ups and 50/50s.    Her main super is dependant on the placement of the magnetic gear and seems to be unblockable.  Her Overdrive Distortion Drive is not only reminiscent of GG's Justice Beam but also brings the reference of joke story back in CS pretty much if this move hits you're dead. No ifs or buts about it.  I'm talking over 10k damage.  Haven't seen that since Arakune and Hakumen's old days.  While it may seem like Rush down may be the way to take her down. Her normals do make up for the zoning playstyle (unlike Lamda/Nu).

Yuuki Terumi Play

You would think he would have a style that's similar to Hazama. Its not really there. While Hazama is generally looking for an opening to create damage. Terumi is more in your face. Creating some nice block strings and easy 2500 - 4000 damage in a combo.  In fact I haven't seen that much in block strings since most Online Ragna's and Jin's.  His playstyle has the edge of cruelty on it. If you pick this character thinking that you'll play like Hazama and get away with it. You're sorely mistaken. The Hazama trolling is pretty much gone and you'll probably be punished for backing away trying to regroup.

Kagura Mitsuki Play

At first I thought this guy was just an aggressive Hakumen or a slower Ragna.  But he's not.  Having the basic tools to play a proper zoning game.  This guy can play a good rushdown game whenever he's ready. Some of his specials requires you enter a command for a stance first but he has 3 separate ones.  They could also be command counters as well.  Hard to tell at this stage.  While Kagura doesn't have or really need the zoning play that someone like Hakumen has.  When this guy is in your face hope you're blocking the right way.  I honestly wonder how much damage this guy can do off a rapid cancel.  At the same time don't expect to play like Hakumen who can get away with multiple specials and C attacks in a combo. You will be required to press some A's and B's to hit confirm in. (Yeah Hakumen does too but not as much)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Skylanders: SWAP Force Day-One - Impressions and Changes

While playing this game yesterday on stream. I do like the game it has gone through a ton of changes however.  

My Thoughts Of the Game So Far

There is a ton of stuff to do in this game.  In fact the replay value far outshines that of the older games. Activision still throws in your fact to go buy more Skylanders figures.  But its funny that I actually want them this time where Giants I wanted only very few characters.  I'm not exactly happy with the graphic changes and that's actually rare coming from me as I don't usually care for the graphics. I honestly wonder if its the fact I have the Wii version and not the other games. Dino-Rang's look the game made me double take. While Dark Spyro's looked rather derp.  The SWAP Force characters are what's actually interesting about the game. Instead of just upgrading the character as a whole. You can now upgrade the legs and the body of those characters. Giving you varied abilities.  But now I gotta buy more Skylanders and I'm still saving up for a new Desktop.  Sheesh.  The SWAP Force characters are magnetic and will even repel if you try to put them on backwards.  But looking at the possible combinations I find some of the characters look cool with certain legs.  

What I will do for this game first is do a stream only run. Then I will do an actual playthrough.  

What's New?

-Well Obviously the Swap Force characters is what's new about the game. The swap power-up is rather interesting.  You can make a Swap Force character 2 elements instead of just one. For example you can Swap Wash Buckler and Blast Zone to make Wash Zone and Blast Buckler. They will carry both Fire and Water elements.  This makes getting the elemental bonus easier.  

-SWAP Force Mini Games

If you intend on completing every minigame and getting everything through each level. You'll need not only a character of each element. But you'll also require a SWAP Force Character with each different ability:
  • Rocket
  • Climb
  • Bounce
  • Spin
  • Speed
  • Dig
  • Sneak
  • Teleport
So that's already 8 different SWAP Force characters you need to buy.  There minigames are straightforward. Its generally get to the finish line within the alotted time limit. There are extra achievements that involve finishing with no damage and finishing while grabbing all Red Gems. If you're playing 2 Player. The 2nd Player can help by doing a random action (dependant on the stage itself). 

-Only 2 Adventure Pack Levels

Instead of being able to replay the old Adventure Pack stages 2 new ones have been added to the game.  Sheep Wreck Islands and Tower of Time.  

-All Skylanders automatically registered to game file

Instead of having to take ownership of each and every Skylander you carry over from the older games. They're automatically registered to the file you're playing. The advanatage is you don't have to pause and select take ownership of each and every one. The downside is the nicknames of each skylander are usually reset.  You do keep your levels and money however.

-Jump Function

Now you have a jump command which you're generally forced to use. If you mess up your platforming jumps you won't take fall damage just end up respawned where fell off.  The jump command pretty much cancels all other commands so you can't use it with connection with other attacks and don't expect to be able to attack in the air.  This actually makes Stealth Elf jump move she had rather useless.

-Portal Master Achievements

Instead of Accolades for you. You now have a set of Portal Master Achievements to obtain. These are based on how well you do in each stage, how many skylanders you have. difficulty level completed, etc. By ranking up your Portal Master rank you'll gain access to more stuff in shops and minigames to play.


-Control Scheme.  

With the addition of the jump command. A lot of commands have changed buttons. B button is your main attack while Z and C are your secondary attacks.


While I am playing the Wii version. The Graphics are rather more detailed but at the same time downscaled. Probably to compensate for the extra characters. I noticed the skylanders don't even move there mouths anymore while they talk and Spyro looks rather derp.

-Access to challenges

Instead of just instantly having a brand new Skylander results in a new Heroic Challenge you find what is called "Bonus Maps" through the stage or buy them and play those.  The stat boost are no longer given to each individual Skylander that completes them. Instead its a universal stat boost too all characters you play.

-Skylander Achievements

In Giants there were achievements that you couldn't see how to acquire. Instead you had to guess and you were reminded as you progressed with each challenge. Now you can see the various challenges each skylander has available.  

-Skylanders Can Be Knocked Down?!

The Skylanders now have a knock down animation.  Although this only applies to certain attacks this means you'll have to be extra careful around enemies.

-Old Skylanders Toys

The Toys have either been nerfed or buffed depending on each toy. The ones I have I'll list.

  • Anvil Rain: Much smaller attack radius, knockback isn't as great.
  • Hidden Treasure: Instead of searching for a hidden treasure box, for a limited time all gold obtained is doubled.
  • Sky Iron Shield: 3 Shields now rotate around you.
  • Ghost Pirate Swords: No notable changes
  • Winged Boots: No Notable Changes
  • Darklight Crypt, Empire of Ice, Pirate Ship, Dragon's Peak: No longer have the extra level to play and AoE has been severely nerfed as well as damage.

-Winged Sapphires affect shops too

Instead of giving you a small discount on upgrades which you usually obtain them all long before the game ends. You can now get a discount at the shop as well.

-Arena Challenges

Introduced during giants. You still unlock these by progressing the story. There's a lot more available and you're rated based on how well you did instead of just surviving. There's also Team Survival, Rival Survival, and Ring Out modes. You also gain achievements for doing a PvP match.  

-Spark Puzzles

Instead of old lock puzzles. These are now called Spark Puzzles. Where you make 2 sparks meet and touch each other to unlock. These are rather simple compared the old ones. If you're doing 2 player then each player will control one Spark.

-Elemental Gates

There's now a SWAP Force style elemental gate. They require you to have a SWAP Force character of the said element. You can bypass this by doing player and placing two skylanders of the required element on the portal instead.  

-Max Level is 20 now

-Time and Score Attack Modes

After finishing the game the first time you can play time attack mode and score attack mode which are exactly as they sound.

-Game Saves Your Spot in the Stage

Its funny the game actually froze on me near the end of stage 3. But when I reset and went back to it. I found myself in the last area I reached. Very Awesome.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Podcast Update For Oct 1st, 2013 - Too Much Stuff, Next to No Money

Well I could say this was somewhat an eventful month.  And I didn't get a lot I need more discipline...-_-  

Desktop Dying

Probably my biggest gripe is finding that this desktop I'm using is pretty much on its last legs.  This things been around since the release of Windows Vista so that's a good 7 or 8 years.  Add to it this isn't originally my desktop.  If you didn't know before I had quite a powerful desktop that tanked a few years after I bought it. The end result being that fixing it would end up saying, why not just buy a new one? So I dug up my mom's old Desktop and somehow managed to fix it from her X-Boyfriend's days of pretty much killing it. Being content with this things sorta went back to normal until now.  This desktop is giving me Blue Screens far too often and the screens don't stay long enough for me to get a picture or read what exactly caused it.  One thing I do know is that fan is failing. The other thing I know is that this old box has some memory issues.  At this point I figure its time for a brand new one. Even if its one of those economic ones you find at the general store they would at least do better than how things are now.  My problem is that they still run the cost of a brand new console (that isn't a Wii U).  I kept thinking of options I could run to get a desktop computer but they all generally end in saving the money for a long period of time.  With Youtube being my main source of income (I know sad isn't it). That's quite sometime especially with the 2nd problem of new releases coming very soon.  

Plans for Money...

I actually considered donation streaming again but keep shooting down that plan with the thought that; 1 its hard to stream nowadays and at a decent quality, 2 afraid of BSOD'ing again in the middle of that, 3 I don't know anyone who would like to donate and for such a selfish cause, 4 a sense of pride.

Those issues alone stopped that plan.  The other big issue is that So many games come out this month alone that I just remembered.  I'm not getting pokemon till probably January due to no 3DS and these days everyone wants to see 3DS capture card quality instead. Hearing Tales of Symphonia HD comes out the "still no definite date" SoulCalibur II, Skylanders: SWAP Force, etc. I don't think anything else comes out for me till December/January.  

Schedules Falling Apart

I had dates set when I was going to have certain things done and they still aren't done. Having bad discipline is just ugh...Having no help is worst lol.  At this point I'm generally tired to the point that I'm using energy drinks and the like to keep going.  

Need to Know ASAP

Something I generally need to know. Are there people out there wanting to see Blazblue Chrono Phantasma in Japanese?  I'm asking cause I'm not sure if I should go in with this pre-order or just wait till the english release.  The only other games I was looking out was FFX HD and FF13-3....(assuming its for a console I actually have). 

I think that's all I can think of right now.  My biggest worry is this whole desktop issue and trying to get things done.  I've updated the YT channel banner...if anyone cares about that.  The Blog's looks are getting updated too just haven't thought of what or how.