Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma TGS Character Showcase

For those that didn't know.  TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and a little before TGS aired. Aside from the announcement of the two console exclusive characters Kagura Mitsuki and Yuuki Terumi.  We got announcement of another console exclusive character.


Yep one of the most fan wanted characters to be playable in the game has stepped into the ring.  Her debut was a great one as well.

Kokonoe is quite the setup heavy character. She uses most of her specials for zoning purposes.  When the player feels ready or has the right setup Kokonoe can rush in and create some rather fancy combos with ease. She doesn't have that much life going for her but still better than Carl's I would say she's slightly better than Ragna's life.  The main special that shows for Kokonoe is a magnetic gear like special. Normally it'll draw the opponent towards it unless the player inputs another command which will repel the opponent.  She also has a fireball special that tracks the Magnetic gear. She also has a teleport move not as great as Arakune's but gets the job done when planning cross-ups and 50/50s.    Her main super is dependant on the placement of the magnetic gear and seems to be unblockable.  Her Overdrive Distortion Drive is not only reminiscent of GG's Justice Beam but also brings the reference of joke story back in CS pretty much if this move hits you're dead. No ifs or buts about it.  I'm talking over 10k damage.  Haven't seen that since Arakune and Hakumen's old days.  While it may seem like Rush down may be the way to take her down. Her normals do make up for the zoning playstyle (unlike Lamda/Nu).

Yuuki Terumi Play

You would think he would have a style that's similar to Hazama. Its not really there. While Hazama is generally looking for an opening to create damage. Terumi is more in your face. Creating some nice block strings and easy 2500 - 4000 damage in a combo.  In fact I haven't seen that much in block strings since most Online Ragna's and Jin's.  His playstyle has the edge of cruelty on it. If you pick this character thinking that you'll play like Hazama and get away with it. You're sorely mistaken. The Hazama trolling is pretty much gone and you'll probably be punished for backing away trying to regroup.

Kagura Mitsuki Play

At first I thought this guy was just an aggressive Hakumen or a slower Ragna.  But he's not.  Having the basic tools to play a proper zoning game.  This guy can play a good rushdown game whenever he's ready. Some of his specials requires you enter a command for a stance first but he has 3 separate ones.  They could also be command counters as well.  Hard to tell at this stage.  While Kagura doesn't have or really need the zoning play that someone like Hakumen has.  When this guy is in your face hope you're blocking the right way.  I honestly wonder how much damage this guy can do off a rapid cancel.  At the same time don't expect to play like Hakumen who can get away with multiple specials and C attacks in a combo. You will be required to press some A's and B's to hit confirm in. (Yeah Hakumen does too but not as much)