Monday, October 28, 2013

Podcast Not So Update for Oct/Nov 2013 Q&A

Well I actually don't have much if anything to talk about in terms of updates unless I make up something on the spot. So I guess I'll do some FAQ's. Now I reworded the questions a bit to remove as much of the rather explicit words or make them understandable cause a lot of these questions make no sense or are just downright disrespectful. This also protects that person from any backlash unless someone goes out of there way to hunt down the person who asked this question (yes there are people that do that).  Anyway on with the questions.

1. Are you ever gonna get Pokemon X/Y?
I've considered it but with the whole thing about a desktop I don't have the money to get it right now. I did find a Desktop that's pretty good and has everything I want for 400 bucks.  Even more so I've been on and off about the game. There's things I like about it but there's things I don't like about it.  Along with the fact that ppl wanna see 3DS capture card quality instead of Webcam. I heard the guy that does capture cards isn't really doing em I found another guy that even has DIY 3DS capture cards.

2. Do you plan on buying an Xbox One and Killer Instinct 3?
The same with a 3DS and Pokemon. I don't have the money right now.  I kinda want KI3 at the same time I'm not sure about it. Really I want Crimson Dragon that may go the way of Duke Nukem Forever thanks to all the delays it had.

3. Do you plan on getting a PS4?
Feel I'm repeating myself lol.  Not really. There's nothing on it that screams for me to buy it.

4. Are you getting Blazblue Chrono Phantasma?
I want to but money lol.  I actually looked to see if my friends downloaded it to gameshare so I would just go get the DLC and be done with it. But just about everyone got a physical copy. And those that downloaded it I don't know that well anyway so I don't expect them to gameshare it with me. I also don't have much to offer in return either lol.

5. Why won't you accept that Kira Yamato's actions are complete and utter BS compared to the other Gundam Series? *Rest of the message removed due to rather innapropriate and unclear words*
This is because I feel its nothing new. Its fictional writing for one so the impossible "BS" stuff is rather common. Also in terms of Gundam series regardless of whether its unexplained, how many times it was done, it really doesn't push one character beyond another to me. If I said one character was complete and utter BS then I have to say everyone else is as well.  Honestly if it bothers you so much that I accept I think you should rewrite the story yourself. Besides these plot holes leave for some interesting thoery's and creative responses as to what happened.

6. Are you getting Wii U with Smash Bros. 4?
Back to PS4, Xbox One, 3DS. I don't have the money for it. I am interested in getting it.  But no money right now.

7. Could you do a run of games that aren't blind runs?
Not issue is. Its not that fun for me. While I don't mind spoilers from reading guides. I do mind the fact that things become way too easy cause I read the guide or find a video showing how this person did this.  I end up thinking less of the game due to having that knowledge of how to handle things.

8. Are you gonna do Skylanders: SWAP Force Commentary with your sister?
Its not likely to happen. My sister officially started College and also started a job. While she's not away at dorm or anything like that.  The problem is she gets really tired after she does all that and pretty much goes to sleep as well as not feeling up to doing anyting.

9. Hey could you use this song in this video when you record next?
I can but you gotta let me know far in advance.  Otherwise likely I'll end up past that part you want and I don't make multiple saves of my games.

10. Why won't you play M Rated games?
To put it simply.  My friends and my attitude is the reason why. Before when I was playing M Rated games I noticed that they did start to get worse and worse. But I didn't care. What I didn't realize was that my attitude was worse and I was attracting the wrong friends around with me and well like a sponge I ended up absorbing the traits and the some of things they did. That's not to say the friends I have now are bad and I'm not calling you out.  Anyway a friend actually sat me down and explained things. It literally made me think. While videogames aren't the sole reason it is a factor and I went ahead and changed it along many other things.

11. Why won't you do commentary over this game?
Cause I just don't like commentary. Personally when I do commentary especially alone I don't have much to say. I'll laugh with the funny parts. But I'm not prone to thoughts about the game while playing it. Especially games that are old.

12. Why don't you do a donation stream I got money I wanna give you?
Well honestly I don't wanna do it. I don't really have much of anything to give back. So why should I be like give me money. Even when I had the paypal donate up I went whatever no one's gonna donate anyway.  But if you really feel like giving money to me thanks. And I won't stop you.

If you got any other questions you can post them if I get enough I'll do another Q&A video.