Saturday, November 30, 2013

Podcast Dec. 1, 2013: (I hate Holidays)

Well...General bad news all round.

1st off Got a nice letter from Comcast that talks about limits on usage of their internet service.  Basically if I go over 300 GBs of usage a month I'll get charged a fee.  You might be wondering how could I possibly go over 300 GBs a month. Well a lot of things add up to it.  Uploads, downloads, streams, online play etc.

What does this mean well after mulling it over I decided to cut out Live Streams. Watching and actual streaming. That seems to take up a lot of usage. For one TwitchTV has pretty much enforced certain settings to be used when streaming or you can't stream at all. So a lot of streams these days are pretty high in quality and memory usage. While some people don't believe me I did the math myself personally basing it off the settings I use when I stream and my streams are pretty low quality compared to others.  So I pretty much decided to cut those out till a better situation arises. Besides I find streams are pretty much a waste of time for me in the long run anyway. No one really watches mine but a few people (that's less than 10). And when I watch other streams they tend to be rather boring with a chat that leaves you with headaches when you talk to them.  Anyway streaming is out.

If you must know I don't celebrate Holidays. I'm not fond of them. While there are some that say its the time for families to get together...I say that's what should go on everyday but it doesn't. Aside from that everytime I used to celebrate them they always tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth. That's pretty much it.  If you guys celebrate them that's fine. I choose not to.