Monday, November 25, 2013

sigh Damnit Comcast

Well one thing that's pissing me off right now.  My ISP Comcast has decided to enforce its Data Usage Cap plan. What this means for me is that everytime I go over the 300 GB  the limit I get charged fees.

While at first glance you're probably gonna say "300 GBs is nothing (and other responses that will make me facepalm at your way of thinking.)" It actually is an issue for me.

  • Livestreams either watching or streaming myself
  • Downloading games off of PSN or Xbox Live, etc.
  • Youtube videos
  • **Uploading Youtube videos**

Uploading is my main concern. I get a lot done in a short amount of time and I rather not keep my Video files sitting on my desktop eating up precious space no matter how big my Hard Drive space is. I was actually setting up my channel to make all my videos unlisted until a particular time. Basically with my videos being unlisted you can still view them in the playlist if you wish to instead of waiting for the next video.  But with this upload Cap I can't really do that anymore since I have to upload in big chunks and not have to worry about keeping the video files on a computer that may crash, delete, etc.

The other thing is downloading games. If you haven't realized it yet game download size is getting bigger as time marches on. And whether you like it or not (I know I don't) The world is moving towards everything digital. So that's a nice growing problem as well. We all remember talk of games having huge 30 - 50 GB sizes.  While it hasn't happened yet you know a day like that is coming. I already pretty much scrapped any plans for playing online as often as I wanted to in the coming months thanks to this data cap.

Pretty much means I won't be watching streams as much or streaming at all anymore. While I figure out what to do about uploading online....