Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SoulCalibur II HD Online: Some of the Old Memories are back only some

Ok the game came out like a day early on PS3 so I went ahead and downloaded it immediately expecting that a couple of friends would get it as well.  Shamefully none of them are really interested in this game because of the hold Blazblue ChronoPhantasma has on them.  Oh well I'll go in alone better for my psyche anyway.  Me and this game go way back as far as tournaments.

Starting Up

The first thing I noticed when I started was that Link afterall did not get included into the roster. I honestly don't care for the guy cause he's not really a good character IMO and I don't buy fighting games cause of character rosters.  Heihachi and Spawn made it however.  I quickly sorted through the options available and it feels just like the days of old.  The Mission mode, The Extra Arcade, Survival, etc etc. is all there. Shame that I have to look to old fighting games for the extra modes I like. The one thing that does bug me is there's no option for Japanese voices.  When I saw my mind went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" For those that don't understand where I'm coming from on this. I played the first SC with Japanese voices cause that's what was available on my Dreamcast. I'm ok with English voices and don't really care for voice overs in general but I remember playing SCII and every other one after that in Japanese.  I'm so used to the Japanese voices that some of playstyle runs straight off that.  That's just one small gripe.

Arcade Mode

I immediately jumped on arcade mode seeing that I will have to unlock all the characters I like using. Even more so I gotta go through that Mission mode again and get Lizardman that'll take me a few days or weeks now...cause I'm older and whatnot.  The love of the characters saying random quotes that are rather out of place is still there.  My favorite being...

Ivy: It's time to die!
Kilik: Is there no other way?

The moves felt the same I just don't like playing on a PS3 controller for this.  I honestly would prefer and Xbox or GC controller for this game.  Playing 3D fighters on a PS3 controller feels awkward to me.  Anyway this was when the characters were broken and combos wasn't thing unlike later titles.  I say pretty much if you have the momentum its hard to break.  Not saying first hit wins. I mean once you gain that momentum you pretty much won.

I Guess I Should Talk About Graphics (Sigh)

I'm not one to note graphics on a game. If you know me well enough I not only don't care about graphics but I can rarely tell the difference between HD and SD. If I stare at the game hard enough or do a side by side comparison I guess the graphics have been improved.  I honestly don't care. ITS SOULCALIBUR II and I WANNA PLAY IT!

Music Just Like I Remember

The one memory this brings back is the fact that I spent a good chunk of money on buying the extra songs for SoulCalibur IV and it was honestly a total waste -_-.  Anyway this music is just like how I remember it not like that crap music SoulCalibur V has.  

Online Mode

(Note: 360 version wasn't out as I'm writing this)

This was a different feel. I generally hate playing online cause I usually have bad experiences with other players. Luckily PS3 is better about communication than 360 is.  I generally encountered good players all around. The way ranked matches keeps points is rather harsh. You can easily gain say 150 points. Then turn around and lose it the very next match.  A lot of people I encountered had 600 points then the next time I saw them they went down to 0. Even I did the same.  It still keeps track of your win/lose record however.  So far I had no rage quitters unlike other fighting games. The netcode in terms of playing for an hour and I got about 20 matches in on ranked. I had only 1 match where I caught a bit of lag.  But the game seems to fix it right away. I didn't truly experience input delay as I see others apparently going through.  My only gripe is there's random times where I will have no matches available. But once I back out the menu and select it again I get matches immediately.  I did encounter a couple of people more than once but I thought that was some runback feature LOL.  Honestly I expect that to happen cause the game literally just came out. Not a lot of ppl have the game yet.  Honestly it was a fun experience for once in the longest time.

Funny thing about my matches I pretty much just jumped in and tried remember the commands for each character LOL.  I was remembering stuff from SCV and SC1 LOL.