Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Demo

I have no video to show as of right now due to many unforeseen circumstances. But I will tell you my experience with it.

I can honestly say the game isn't bad. I don't really expect much from Anime-Based games but the gameplay isn't totally flawed. However this game isn't without its gripes.

This game plays very similar to a DBZ PSX title (I can't remember the name of it) I played when I was in school. It was a Japanese only title but the store that had it was selling it for like 150 bucks along with 2 other DBZ titles that everyone sought after. Thing is now as much as people wanted those games in the past now they regret there decision and its uncool to like those games. Such is time. Anyway like that old DBZ game which the title I'll remember at some point in my life. You pretty much just pick a character and beat the crap out of the CPU with multiple other friends or CPU buddies.  If you manage to fill the gauge at the top of the screen to max a character can unleash his/her ultimate move. Generally you continuously beat the crap out of the AI till there dead. Simple and easy to jump into.

The controls however are rather weird.  While running through the tutorial missions. The game didn't teach me how to block or shoot ki blast rapidly, it didn't even teach me how to DODGE!!!! Yeah I had to throw that in there. Luckily for the demo I'm strong enough to power through the AI and win. But I would like to know these things but the tutorials doesn't seem to teach those very things. I also find it very awkward to target certain enemies and attack them. There's times where my lock on acts rather funky and rushing to the enemy to attack becomes a chore.  Using my special move can get weird as well. Since you can't just fire one off and expect it to hit. You gotta time it just right so that the AI won't avoid it and that your buddies won't knock em out of the way of it.

Online Co-Op and Vs mode is obviously where its at. But at this point there's one thing that's very broken about it. The games system is very generous towards players that work as a team. Or really I should say those that gang up on one guy.  Not only do you take (or dish out) an insane amount of damage. But its very easy to startup.  I imagine this will mean nothing when the actual game comes out later. But I say you better get a group of friends to help you on VS mode or watch your team get gang banged one by one and then rage quit.

That's about all I can say about this demo. If you're getting the game I somewhat recommend you grab the demo. Then you can carry over the data to the actual game. Also if you're playing the demo. You may wanna get online as fast as you can so you can get better cards a lot easier.