Sunday, December 15, 2013

Final Fantasy VIII - Why am I playing this again?

I honestly have no idea why I popped this game back into my PSOne. Its one of my least favorites of the FF series with FF13 behind it.  When this game comes to storyline I follow it then it goes in a totally different direction with no reason as to why. Maybe there is a reason and I'm just not seeing it.  The battle system is rather broken right out the gate. And honestly I have little room to mess around and have fun in this game.  Well I'll speed through this game again as usual.


While Disc 1 and Disc 2 make sense. I'm of specially trained soldier with social interaction issues who gets paid to kill a sorceress.  Disc 3 really goes beyond as to why this is.  If you haven't guess what I'm talking about its the relationship between Squall and Rinoa. Pretty much Squall is a total jerk to everyone he meets and cynical personality knowing how things work and only speaks his mind when necessary.  Then suddenly after saving her butt on 2 separate occasions and being saved by her once and then falling into a coma. He loves her? HUH???? Did I miss something here? 

Worse for me is that the other characters pretty much get the shaft and are just there from that point onward. Sorry Quistis we'll never really know much about you. Sorry Irvine I know you're looking for love but did you get it? Honestly I never understand the Squall x Rinoa relationship. I don't hate it but I don't get how the sudden High School love started.

Battle System

I don't need to tell you how broken this system is. If you thought FF7 was broken. This game takes FF7 and makes it its slave in this category.  

-Squall has a button to make all his normal attacks critical hits.
-Squall has maxed out hit rate.
-GF's Break the game
-Junctioning makes you near invincible
-Limit Breaks eat your heart out Omnislash.

Seriously I have a hard time holding back. Especially since you can do all this stuff right at the starting gate if you know what you're doing or you have tenacity and time to do it. My main issue is despite being broken, I can't have fun with it or really experiment. There's not much room to play around in battles unlike other RPGs I've played. You might as (or demand) I do a challenge of some sort. Well if I have to do challenge then I won't have any fun whatsoever. FF7 or most other RPGs I can fool around and not worry about killing the enemy by accident or getting killed cause I fooled around. Ah whatever.

The One Thing I Do Like

Probably the part I do like is various cutscenes in the game. Like Biggs and Wedge, Running from the giant robot spider/crab thing, the bit at Fisherman's Horizon.  I love seeing those scenes.  And I do like the monster designs as well. Hell the Ragnarok ship is the best ship ever in FF.  So I can't complain there. I did forget how adorable Moombas are till now LOL.  

My Habits in this game

-I'll stick around and Draw till I have 100 Stock of each spell at least for Disc 1 and 2 (Unless its a boss fight).
-I generally Spam GF till about Mid Disc 2 or Disc 3 due to damage and spells available for me.
-Around Disc 2 if I get lucky or grind enough I start spamming Aura with Limit Breaks.
-My Party is generally Squall, Irvine, Quistis.  I don't really like the others.
-I generally have a specific GF set for the 3 characters. I don't really share GF
-Squall gets a ton of GF early on cause its generally the ones I like or well I wanna give him the junction abilities early
-By End of Disc 2 or Start of Disc 3 everything is Aura/Limit Break Spam.
-Card Mod EVERYTHING at Disc 4 and might just rush to the end with only what I need. Attack, Magic, Items, Save, Limit Break.
-I can't think of much of else but if I do I'll put it in.