Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Thoughts on What ppl call Collusion in VG Tournament

This is generally referring to a video I came across in the past week or so. It talked about how a Tournament Operator (if that's the proper term for it) stood up when 2 players in the grand finals of a Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma match stood up and said he's not having it. Forced the players to switch their characters and took their pot bonus from them handing it to the 3rd place winner instead.  I have tons of mixed feelings about this. The way this was handled I feel is right and wrong at the same time.

A deceitful agreement or compact between two or more persons, for the one party to bring an action against the other for some evil purpose, as to defraud a third party of his right Cowell. A secret arrangement between two or more persons, whose interests are apparently conflicting, to make use of the forms and proceedings of law in order to defraud a third person, or to obtain that which justice would not give them, by deceiving a court or it officers. Baldwin v. New York, 45 Barb. (N. Y.) 359; Belt v. Blackburn, 28 Md. 235; Railroad Co. v. Gay. 8G Tex. 571, 26 S. W. 599, 25 L. R. A. 52; Balch v. Beach, 119 Wis. 77, 95 N. W. 132. In divorce proceedings, collusion is an agreement between husband and wife that C0LLYJ3ISTA 217 COLOR OF TITLE one of them shall commit, or appear to have committed, or be represented in court as having committed, acts constituting a cause of divorce, for the purpose of enabling the other to obtain a divorce. Civil Code Cal.

Law Dictionary:

Where he was correct.

I feel this guy was correct and taking action once it was spotted. It proves that these guys aren't lazy or showing favoritism. That's generally where it ends however.  

Where he was wrong and why.

First off looking at it this is honestly not collusion in the definition. The 2 players agreed to split there winnings under the assumption that they would win. This is not cheating or gaining anything through illegal means. Not even defrauding anyone. The 2 players made it all the way to grand finals on there own merit. If for example they paid someone to lose a match, "pay off the referee", and the like. Then that's Collusion.  What these 2 did was pot splitting which is not the same as the former term. 

The 2nd is how the situation was handled in terms of judgement. While this will generally reflect my views of tournaments hear me out. Calling the 2 players out for everyone to see on an apparent first offense of the act. Embarrasses those players. You can pull them to the side and tell them no instead of making a scene in that situation you can even wait till the match is over and take action. But embarrassing them in front of everyone certainly isn't the way to go unless this was the 2nd time that same day or this was written down somewhere stating not to do this. Also I don't recall a rule specifically against pot-splitting or saying always play your best for the audience (more on the 2nd later).  I say warning first and let those 2 deal with it as they wish. If they want to make a scene then they can go ahead and embarrass themselves. If they wish to keep quiet about that's even better. Now only those that need to know will know. 

Playing Your Best In A Tournament????

To many people if you asked that question they'll say of course you should.  However there are some people that still hold back or joke around regardless of the venue (Yes even in grand finals). I view tournament matches the same as I do online matches, casual matches, etc. Not everyone is going to play there best for whatever given reason. Whether the player chooses to or not is not up to me. It shouldn't be up to someone else either. I know some people that enter tournaments just to pass the time. There are some that also just want to look for a worthy rival. Others just fool around cause they can. My viewpoint is that I'm just a spectator or a scout.   As much as I would want to I don't expect them to give me their best.
As a person that used to compete in tournaments and when it was my turn I'm not thinking about those that watch me. I'm thinking about the game, myself, and my opponent. I'm not worried about how the audience views things or what they say. Nothing else matters but whatever goal I set at that time.  If I find myself starting to complain about what someone does I'll voice my concern but at the end of the day I remember I'm just a spectator. I'm here to watch not demand I be entertained by who's out there.

I'll quote someone else that said this to me recently, "Why don't you do that yourself! They're not here to entertain you!" I can't remember who said it but it makes sense.

Do I find anything wrong with pot splitting? I do not. Personally I see this situation as 2 friends that worked hard towards a goal of prize money for whatever purpose and decided to split the money they earned. If these 2 didn't even place in top 3 then I have a feeling that no one would even look twice at them for doing that. However if there was more to it than that like conspiring to make other players lose through unfair means like paying them off or sabotage. Then yes I'm against cause that's against the law.  Expecting people to play their best for me??? No I don't expect that. I can scream and shout at a guy demanding that they hold nothing back but that won't cause them to play any better. Grand Finals does not make the situation any different in my book. Aside from that you can't really blow the whistle on the players cause no one knows what happens to money after its won.

These are just my opinions on the matter.  I have many thoughts of how I would handle the situation from any point of view. This situation honestly isn't a black and white one either. But nothing is really being done about it. This situation did make me take a long look at what this FGC is really all about and I don't like it. Players say things like this happen to "protect the spirit of the FGC". What spirit? I'll save that for another time and place.  Maybe if a rulebook is made and shown to everyone entering before it starts as well as a review that would do better. I think these tournament holders, organizers, whatever should think that over before holding another one.