Thursday, January 30, 2014

Podcast Update Jan-Feb 2014 - Playing the Catch Up Game

Well now that things have settled down I finally feel like talking again.  If you didn't know I pretty much hate the holiday season. It is absolutely the worst time to talk to me. But now that its over, I can move on.

Copyright Strike?!

I ended up getting one for a video from years ago. Apparently for the music content. But the entire video was blocked. It was basically a video of the Wild ARMs 5 Artbook scans. When I went to search for the company that was responsible I found they were a Japanese company. Apparently these guys are a group that's out to make sure copyright is enforced on Japanese media. I tried contacting them personally but recieved no response as of this date.  I doubt I'll get a response from them either.  Anyway the strike is stuck there for 6 months.  What YT took away is my privilege to make my videos unlisted. For those that don't know unlisted videos can be viewed as long as you have a link to them or they're already in a playlist. I was generally making use of this so for those that wanted to see more of that particular game could just view the entire playlist if he or she wished.  So I'll just have to deal with doing scheduled uploads again...

Lightning Returns - Insert Random Barbie Doll Joke 

I played the demo the other day. Honestly while I like the game, I also dislike it. I personally was never really fond of Lightning. The battle system does bug me a bit. The controls feel like something that should've been there since the first game.  Its a decent game from the looks of the demo. I already know the story bits from watching the Japanese version. Ppl will be surprised who the final boss is. Assuming they payed attention to the storyline.  I hate the costume bit you can barely color some of the outfits.  Its not really a job class setting its more like your equipment determines your stats and your attacks determine the other. I haven't decided on the version to pre-order yet. I'll check what's up before I do that.

Naruto is pretty much done.

Over last night I finished it. I pretty much stopped caring about rank and just finished Legend mode. I ended up discovering the secret fragment with Sasuke's story.  So that will soon be uploaded.  Just gotta pick the music. I didn't realize how much BS was the difficulty of the last 2 fights in Legend Mode.  I really hate the game's camera and hitboxes.  I guess what I'll do to finish things is the small fights of the Ninja World Timeline.  I don't really care much for the sidequest like that tournament mess.

Lair is Finished

Like I posted in my review of it. I had the most fun with that game thus far.  I doubt I'll play another good dragon game anytime soon. The game surprisingly doesn't have any trophies.  But oh well. I had fun with the game. Had the appropriate amount of difficulty to make me play harder. I enjoyed the game overall.

I'm Still Catching Up

Even with a couple of games done I still have the desired amount of games done and with February and March pretty much here. That's a lot of backlog.  Sigh.  The other issue is making sure its things ppl want to see. Which obviously I haven't been doing from the looks of things.  I just hope the next 2 months go better.

Ideas I want to try but just not sure

I've had a ton of ideas for youtube but never bothered to go through with it cause of the obvious popularity issue.  My own mind just projects all my ideas as failures since the audience on YT's interest lie elsewhere. Things like:

  • What If Saga:  Thoughts of what could happen if this or that was in the game. Or happened.
  • Story Telling Certain games I Like: Just adding story bits to more of my favorite games. Not like the funny stuff. But more on a serious note.
  • Funny story of other games: That old Megaman stuff I used to do. I still don't think of it as a LP.
  • Make Better: Ideas on how to make certain games better or really what could've made it better. 
I honestly want to but resources, time, and more importantly willpower to actually go through with it. Since I'm generally on my own doing this. Most people that support me just say do whatever but not much else. Anyway that's some of the ideas I've had.