Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update Don't Feel like talking

Ok now that I actually have a new capture Card and TV I can try and finish some of these unfinished playthroughs.  What that means for some of these. Still shame saving up for things is not going anywhere.

Unfinished Games Plan

Disgaea 4 - Lets attempt to finish this INSANELY LONG GAME!!!
Naruto UNS3 - Doing Legend Mode now.  The extra chapter that comes with Full Boost DLC will be next month...maybe....
SCII HD Online - Finishing up after Naruto Legend mode finishes
Mischief Makers - Taking awhile will soon be back on the weekend lineup.
Lair - Gonna take on the weekend lineup.
Skylanders SWAP Force - Take the weekend lineup as well.
SD Gundam GGeneration Overworld - Special days. The parts are long and very few ppl care about it.
Spectrobes Origins - After Mischief Makers. I'm sick of grinding.
Gundam Breaker - Post Game stuff Still working on it. May just say I'm done with it.

Sidenote: these are recorded in actual HD now so the upscale or downscaling won't be harsh.

Other Stuff

Sonic Adventure 2 - At some point in my life when I feel like it
FFX & X-2 HD - If I decide to buy it haven't truly gave thought about it
FF13-3 - Same as X and X-2 HD
DBZ Battle of Z - Wait awhile.
Blazblue CP - Will get when released likely download.
Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost - Likely in the summer or late spring
Other games - Haven't thought of it.