Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lightning Returns: Dress Your Best for the End of the World

After screwing up and getting an ending that 80% of the world was unhappy with cause it wasn't your classic Disney movie ending. We get one last shot to save the world. Can Lightning do it? Well she can if she has the right outfit for it. This game has as many pros as it does cons to cancel each other out.  I find one good thing then the game delivers me something bad afterwards.

Storyline Uh...Ok???

So uh after years after we thought we screwed the world. The world still lives on but is on its last days.  Lightning now has to play angel and rapture people to bring them to the new world. Ok I know that last sentence sounds ignorant but really this game's purpose just plays on that whole rapture scare we had in the past.  Or really I should say its there to piss off 90% of the many religions out there.  Its missing a fathead pope looking dude though. Lets put this dude in just cause.

Seriously Lightning Returns lacks a pope looking dude.

Anyway listening to what happened to the other characters You go WTF. Everyone got screwed over or is continuously being trolled. I question why the last goddess Etro suddenly turns out to be bad while this other one Bhune...Bhunevel...whatever is suddenly the good guy (I know how it ends).  Lightning screws up and Etro is suddenly a bad guy.

Battle System

That battle system is alright...until you fight certain enemies and bosses.  No more party to fight with you except for useless characters that don't exactly help out when you need it.  SE is truly stressing this your on your own bit.  Staggering the enemy can be either wonky or favorable depending on who you fight. It really takes a page from Persona 3 and 4's book of "guess till you get it right."  It really pissed me off when the enemy is so close to stagger but just won't cross that line. Or the alternate where the enemy is staggered but still managing to kick your ass. It gets rather annoying but this has been there since the first FF13 game.

Guarding is rather annoying. Its changed from being a minor thing to a requirement in battle. What I mean is in the first 2 games while the game suggested that you switch to Sentinel role and use the many guard commands. In reality you didn't have to you just switch to the Sentinel role take the damage switch to healing or go back to whatever attacking role you were in.  Now its an absolute requirement that you guard and try to do it with perfect timing.  Easier said than done in most cases.  The normal case is you're used the enemy's pattern of attacks but they'll change it ever so slightly to annoy you.  The other instance (which I absolutely hate) is the game's camera will go dynamic and zoom in on the enemy when they're about to use a special move. This makes it very hard to block attacks in most cases I mistime it or waste ATB to where I can't guard anymore cause I can't tell when the attack is supposed to connect.  The game wants you perfect block like you were Daigo Umehara back in the early 2000s at that SF3 Tournament. Really annoying to pull off.

World Map

Honestly I find it rather annoying to navigate at times.  I get turned around easily due to battles. The time clock moves really fast for having 24 hours to do stuff before you're forced back to base and the game ends up like Zelda: Majora's Mask telling you that you have so much time left.  While its nice to have abilities to stop the clock for a few minutes. I find it annoying when I'm near the boss that every enemy decides to show up and stop me. While it would be simple to fight them I know that its a waste of items or time to bother fighting them.  Makes trying to play conservative is rather difficult. The sidequest are rather annoying to simple there's times where you're asked to collect certain items and you likely already have them in your possession due to either exploring or doing the main quest.  Then you have annoying ones that require you to travel across the world or return at a specific time (usually a few hours before the day ends).  While the game tells you that you can't possibly do every single quest and make the best use of your time. Honestly it doesn't seem to be the case. I actually had quite a few quest that couldn't get complete until a certain other quest was done. What I'm saying is they actually overlapped and I pretty much got locked out a few quest despite the time limit making me unable to complete certain ones until this old one was either marked failed or complete.


While I originally thought that you gain a bunch of outfits and weapons you can use however you want they actually serve as your armor and attack power.  Its a little annoying when I see some have auto-abilities that I don't want on that costume.  So really your customization is rather limited by the game's system.  You can color your outfits as well but generally as much as some fighting games.


I was hoping that the ability system would work similar to that of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep or Crisis Core FF7.  You know where you can fuse abilties together to get new and improved ones.  Instead they only get slightly improved by giving you various stat boost.  The way to get new abilties is to buy the outfits or convincingly PWN the enemies and hope they drop an ability.  Rather disappointing to say the least but also like Birth By Sleep there's just certain moves that are pretty much so Overpowered you just can't leave home without it. Honestly annoying to a good degree that I still don't have a RPG game where you can customize things how you like without risking conserquences. (haven't had RPGs like that in awhile)


I'm generally in it for the story despite how much logic you can drop at the points that make no sense. The battle system doesn't cut it for me in fact its rather frustrating at times along with the encounter rate. The story is ok but needs work.  The more I think about the storyline the more I want to slap all the main characters in the face.  The battle system needs a lot of work and a lot more variety in monsters.  Honestly I paid 70 bucks for this? It gives you a NG+ but there's not much to do.