Friday, March 21, 2014

I Miss High ScoreBoards In Games (Part 1)

I miss high scores.

1 thing I loved when playing fighting games was the high score board. But the year 2014. High Score Boards mean nothing.

High score boards in the past were a means of showing off. Especially in arcades.  It was the way you would show off to everyone that you're great the game.  And the day you walk in either the scoreboard was reset or you find someone else has beaten it. You start to wonder how did this person get a high score.

But that wasn't why I loved High Score Boards.  I used it as my benchmark for my personal best. Seeing the high score boards and my own score I wonder how that person got such a score and try to beat it my own way. That's how I would better myself and know how well I'm doing.  Cause you know you got a perfect bonus at the end of a match that gave like 50,000 points, doing something like first attack, or finishing the match quickly, etc.

But nowadays. Scoreboards have amounted to nothing.  With the inclusion of online play and leaderboards.  You're now able to see high scores from around the world. Everyone who's played the game is listed here. Problem is you find these scores are impossible. They're either way too high and you just don't show up anywhere on that list. Or you find that leaderboard is glitched, hacked, etc. in some way.  Some games don't even bother with the scoreboard anymore since everyone is more concerned with playing online vs. mode.

People make the excuse that, "Oh you're just fighting the AI That doesn't mean you're good at the game." So the point of competing for the best high score is generally meaningless when you have no one willing to really try.  The AI has been judged to a point that its pretty much against the law to even play an AI opponent. "Oh the AI knows what you're gonna do before you do it! Oh the AI is too stupid."  The same can be said of human players IMO.

So I have days where I wonder. "What's the point of high scores when there's no one around to push you to improve it?"  Everyone's either hacking it or just not playing that mode at all. Personally playing Fighters to try and beat my own personal high score is about all I can do. But it gets boring when I find no one else trying it. I don't care much for online matches. Its all fun and games till the game gets boring or someone takes things too seriously.