Monday, April 14, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force - Jet-Vac Rapid Fire Glitch

A very useful glitch thrown into SWAP Force. This will up Jet-Vac's DPS (Damager Per Second) greatly while in use.  Very helpful for boss fights and simple to do once mastered. I found this out a long time ago just never made a video on it. Or commented on it.


  • Jet Vac - Obviously
  • Jet Vac Must be on and Mastered Vac-Paketeer Path
  • Megaman Buster Fingers or Rapid Fire Controller


  1. First activate Jet Pack. (Attack 3)
  2. Then while Jet Pack is active do a flying Corkscrew (Attack 2)
  3. Immediately after corkscrew tap Attack 1 constantly.
  4. If done right you'll notice that Jet-Vac's rate of fire has increased.

Note: This glitch will deactivate if Jet-Vac performs any action that forces him to stop firing. (Jumping, Stopping the attack, taking damage. etc.). However you can easily reactivate the glitch.


  • -Rate of fire increases greatly. (More damage)
  • -Boss Killer
  • -Easily Done


  • -Tired Thumb
  • -Jet-Vac looks silly during this glitch
  • -

Notes: Tested Only with Legendary Jet-Vac I don't have the other versions of this character but I'm pretty sure the glitch should be same with them as well.