Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bye Bye Wii/NDS Online

As of May 20th, 2014. All online play of the Wii and NDS consoles has been cutoff.  I'm honestly sad to see online play go. But at the same time maybe its a good thing to see it go. My last bit of fun with the Wii titles online and NDS weren't all that great.

Mario Kart Wii Online

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Usually when I play this online, I find myself in a room of hackers. By hackers I mean I see players use the auto-item cheat to mess with every other racer. Either to win first place themselves or just to troll. The game already has enough chaos as it is. I don't need other players adding to it.  While my session online this time went well. My only gripe is how many times everyone picked Rainbow Road. I hate this version's Rainbow Road. I really do. I ended it by reaching 6000 points in the ranking and that was enough to satisfy me. I only like racing as Bowser or Bowser Jr. the rest of the characters are meh to me.  I use Dry Bowser on the side but I'm not fond of him. I still never unlocked Rosalina or the last Mii version character.  Not that i'll ever use them.

Favorite tracks....Uh.....Bowser's Castle 64, Moonview Highway, Mario Circuit 64, I think that's it I can't remember much else.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Online

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I always get comments about how the online is total garbage (bad netcode). I will say most of my matches (85%) are of decent connection. I always ask myself is it there ISP? Playing on the otherside of the world, what else are they doing online? Usually when I play online I always find myself having either good matches or lol moments cause of lag.  But I could never complain about the netcode.

Sadly all that was online this time around aside from 1 friend was a bunch of T-Baggers, and players that did nothing.  This is how my last memory of this game's online is going to be?

I only played as characters I like. While I had potential with guys like DK, or Zero Suit Samus. I didn't like them.  I like Lucario, Bowser, DeDeDe, Ice Climbers, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf, and Yoshi. I didn't really like the others.

The one thing I hate about this game is that pretty much no one plays it. Instead they whine about how there's random tripping (which I never really experience) or really should say, "This isn't Melee!" I don't care for melee anymore. Its grown to an over-competitive state where you're not allowed to have fun. Even went as far as to make Project M for this sake. I like only bits and pieces of that mod. But overall I hate Project M. Its supposed to balance out all the characters and make new ones? I honestly don't see the balance or care for that matter.  The only good thing I think came out of that was custom music. But I outgrew that when I saw what a waste of time modding my Wii was. Anyway I hope the next Smash doesn't grow out of control like Melee did.  I really hate to see a game end up in the "No-Fun Zone".

Megaman Starforce 2 and 3 Online

I do like Starforce and this was the only way to play people in Megaman online.  Sadly though this game is just full of hackers and trolls at least from what I encountered.  I was unable to record a match were things were fair.  Instead I got players that stacked there card folder in there favor.  If it was just Fighter Swords all day I accept that. There's no way to prove there folder's stacked. But Instead I found. 9999 Damage Cards, All Dread Laser, Dive Bomb, etc. If I didn't come across that I instead came across trolls that would disconnect on purpose. And that game has a nag screen and a slight penalizing system that comes up regardless of who did the disconnection.  So no online here.

Games I would've loved to play online for the Wii

There's tons I have that either no one else has or just refuses to play. At least when I went online I found no one else to play.

  • Mario Super Sluggers
  • Castlevania: Judgement
  • Tatsunko vs Capcom
  • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker I & II
  • Mario Strikers Charged
Sadly no one I know or ever found plays these games. Instead I found complaints that the game sucked for one reason or another. Really just people whining and never playing the game. Guess I'll never play them online.  There are methods to play online but only for certain games and I rather just not play them online through someone's private server. Just feels like a waste of time.  


I'm sad to see the Wii and NDS online go. I feel those were the only consoles where when I played online I felt good most of the time after each session.  Now I'm stuck with the riff raff on PS3 and 360.  I'm not sure if the 3DS or Wii U's online community will make me have a good feeling after playing online considering the time we live in. But I guess there's hope sorta...