Sunday, July 13, 2014

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest The End

Sorry for the lack of updates or really talking about games here. Lately I've been either too busy or just didn't wanna post here. Especially when people that actually read this blog try to use it as a reference against when they have something to complain about (seriously that's annoying, what is this an election?).

Anyway Today's is Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.  I have to say its the easiest Final Fantasy title in existence. Seriously even easier than FF7 or FF8. I love the light-hearted story of basically hey you're the new hero get to work. And the main character just makes silly gestures going "What did I get myself into."  The game generally relies on RNG to win battles. You don't even have to waste time getting all the items or leveling you can just get lucky with the RNG and win. Especially since Game Overs allow you to retry any given battle.

My only issue is dealing with the top over map that was popular in these times.  The game loves to use classic map design tricks to either throw you off or hide something that's really in plain view.  I was annoyed when I got stuck only to figure out that the solution was insanely simple. I enjoy the music most of all out this game.  Shame that this game doesn't get much soundtrack treatment like the other mainstream Final Fantasys.  I hope I can find the OST or a gamerip of this.

The animations of the attacks can be rather funny.  Getting turned into a snowman, burned classic cartoon style.  But the most hilarious thing I find is the final boss is easily defeated by your Cure Spell due to a glitch.  Seriously 10k damage from a cure spell on a SNES game. Its refreshing to play a GOOD RPG honestly.  But this is old school.

I do question the names of the attacks as well as the order I seem to be on the receiving end of them. A friend of mine told me that the monster is trying to rape me. Kinda funny but at the same time....-_-...WAI!!!
Anyway this game is very easy and very forgiving in all aspects. I never ran out of money. Magic Usage was no problem.  The equipment you get ends up making you pretty godlike.  RNG heavy game makes this very easy to deal with as well. Music is awesome too.

The ending was rather lol.  I said goodbye to all the useless party members and set sail for better things lol.  The final boss tries to throw a "I did all this from the start bit." At least the bosses and story isn't going all Tragic Past Character development that's popular with today's RPG games.  I love it. Definitely worth playing again.