Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Well Trying To Build A Desktop Part 1: The Planning Stage (HELP ME!!!!)

Trying to buy a new Desktop, Well Build one.

I generally came to a point where I just have to build one.  Personally I rather buy it all at once to avoid the hassle and frustration but considering how I get a month to spend. That's not happening.
So I'm stuck buying the parts to build one from the ground up cause apparently its "Cheaper".

I don't really know much about building one.  I know how to wreck one.  The last one I had I killed the processor when I tried to clean it the darn thing out of caked on dust.  I tried to put it back it and some of the pins got bent or broke off (It really didn't want to go back in regardless of what I tried). Needless to say its useless.  Only other thing I did was add RAM.  This was years ago.  Like 4 - 6 years ago.

Asking Friends

Anyway, I've asked many ppl on Skype if they know how and what to buy. I didn't get very good results. Although some of them have done this before (even one of them does this for a living). I got no real answers from them. Just a general "This is good", "This is bad", "This sucks" and the like.  I'd pay someone to do the building for me but again back to where I started I don't get paid that much to pay someone else and continue putting gameplay on youtube.  (Generally around $300 a month before certain various expenses).

Getting to the point. After searching through google quite a bit I figured I can buy parts separately over the span of 2 - 3 months and be able to build one.  What I don't know is what specific parts I can buy without having to go back to the store or having parts I can't use. I figured there would be parts that only work with certain other parts. I honestly don't really know what to look for in selecting these parts.  Then there's making sure I'm come out good and not cheated when build the darn thing.

So this is where I need help.  

  • - Since I'm uploading videos to youtube and possibly streaming what parts would be appropriate?
  • - Most I know is that RAM and apparently Processor Cores are important so which is cost effective.
  • - Same for the video card. I don't want one that's gonna break down barely a year after buying it like the last Desktop I owned.  
  • - I prefer an Ethernet connection as opposed to Wi-Fi especially when there's a lot of dead spots in my own house.  
  • - Considering how many things I have that use USB. I estimate I need around 6 Ports.  
  • - I don't really care much for Blu-Ray. I can watch that on my PS3. So I can settle with a DVD RW drive.
  • - I have an OS in mind to use (Windows Vista) considering I have a disc that was never used. I don't know if works or not but it should.  
  • - I'm not worried too much about PC-Gaming
  • - Considering the issues of my room in general. I need better cooling options.
  • - I think that's it.