Monday, August 4, 2014

August Update 2014 Need Stress Relief and not getting it Sigh...

I Got Hacked

Ugh....July was such a horrible month.  I really didn't get much if anything at all done that I wanted to.  My Bank Account Got hacked through Paypal so I had to call the bank (and Paypal) every morning for 2 weeks. Ugh....Finally got that settled.

Volunteer Work

Then when I volunteered to help feed lunch for people in another country that went absolutely chaotic. I was generally juggling 5 to 6 different task at once.  
  • Make sure the bathroom is clean
  • Work the Sound Booth
  • Carry food to be cooked
  • Clean up the hallway
  • Put up the decorations
  • serve the food
  • etc.
All that would sound like we were understaffed...more like bad management IMO. A lot of the ppl that we're working with me generally went at their own pace or had other jobs to take care of. This honestly wasn't the worst part of the day. I was actually okay with all this till arguments came about and those in charge started giving contradicting orders.  I practically broke down crying cause I couldn't handle everything at once. Then to end it all I apparently owe money for flowers cause I took bad advice from an old man that has a garden. Since we were disposing of food that was about to go bad...I was told to pour out the remains of the pickle jar into the flowers.  Then get told by someone else that its bad for flowers -_-.  Yep....

Injured Cat

Then for issues. My cat (1 of 2) I always let outside in the backyard cause its fenced decides to jump the fence somehow...Not too big of a problem he finds ways to go where he wants to....except this time around he comes back limping. He gets taken to the vet and the doc says he has an internal wound on his right paw.  So there's a ton of swelling and he has a pretty fat paw he shouldn't walk on.  The cost of it....undetermined cause I'm to bring him back to the vet next Monday.  They'll probably say surgery or amputate his foot.  My other cat had to lose half his tail when he got injured.

Online Ppl are Stupid

Add icing on the cake dealing with idiots on the net.  Apparently my way of life is wrong and I'm not allowed to have an opinion...Although that's rather common. Just wish they shut up though.  Seriously how am I missing out on stuff cause suddenly I decided to stop playing a game online?  I do that to keep my sanity. I'm not gonna sit there forever and have rage quitters, hatemail, etc. plague me when I can do nothing about it. Better it is to cut off a diseased arm that can't be treated than to let it spread throughout your whole body.

Then barely just 2 days ago. Who cares about the games I buy?  Who cares whether or not I support something or not?  I'm not thinking about who to support when I go to the store and buy something.  I'm thinking about the entertainment for me.  Not for everyone else.  Unless that company did something wrong like killing kids I don't see a problem.  I don't think about the company just the game and how it entertains me.  

Conclusion - No Smash But Still A Go For Skylanders

Well that's most of the stressful things out the way. Still saving up for a new PC despite all these problems.  I'm falling behind on video releases for many reasons. Mainly being hacked and trying to recover from that.  Seems all my problems are mounting right now and more are being added as time moves on.  I already had to push back Smash Bros. Although to be honest I'm not all that interested in Smash Bros. I feel its a game that's not gonna last me long.  A general problem I have with Nintendo and Fighting Games is that there just isn't enough to keep me there.  Especially with the games themselves stressing that multiplayer is the only way to play the game.  I don't favor multiplayer.  I rarely have anyone to play with and online is usually atrocious for one reason or another.  Personally I think I live in the slums of the net community.  Where all the dishonorable players are.  At the same time I think most of the online players that many ppl idolize aren't as great or really honorable as they seem.  I'm not setting a standard or anything. really expect to me my standards but if I'm watching or playing those guys I would like some decency, not "We do this cause everybody does it mentality." (I have quite a few examples of the things that generally piss me off if you wanna know with links to videos).  Even if you look past that I feel that games lifespan has dropped dramatically.  Unless its constantly updated no one will be interested in as little as 2 to 6 weeks.  

I'm still going for Skylanders. I feel this is one of the few currently "up-to-date" Games I actually like playing.  Even if it is short and just for kids I favor the game a lot more than most of the other games that's out now.  I'm going for the Dark Edition Again. I'm not sure about Pokemon I just got finished with X/Y.  I'm not really up for another Pokemon game so suddenly.  And I just talked about Smash. I can't think of much else I want as the consoles are rather meh right now. If I can ever stream properly again I'll play something I always wanted to play on stream instead.