Monday, August 11, 2014

Model Building SD Gundam Brave Battle Warriors - Lui Bei(Ryubi) Lui Feng (Kou Feng), & Le Jin

I decided to go to the SD Series again.  After watching SD Gundam Brave Battle Warriors Season 1 I got a little attached to the series. I believe the series about Romance of the 3 Kingdoms or something like that.  I enjoyed what I was able to watch in english.  Hopefully I'll find the other episodes in english as well. Today I put together 3 of them. It would be 4 but when I tried to get Exia RII I found out the guy selling it was sold out.  -_-  During this whole thing I kept playing the theme song in my head over and over lol. Opening the instructions I found a short little comic strip about the characters, all in English too. Pretty neat.

SD Ryubi (Liu Bei) Gundam

The most fun out of all of them to put together.  Everything was rather simple.  Except the sword holder bit.  The swords don't really fit in the holder pieces as it shows on the instructions. When I compared the size to my SD Strike he's actually shorter in size. But maybe I can make my own SD GUNPLA soon.

SD Lui Feng (Kou Feng) Gundam

I was thrown off when I saw how much shorter this guy was.  I kept going, how much shorter can these dudes get?  I dig the helmet though. I makes me think of Talgeese. Even though Lu Bu is supposed to be Talgeese.

Le Jin Gundam

This was an absolutely weird one.  Not only were there pieces not mentioned in the instructions. Then you got parts where you have to switch out pieces.  A lot of things didn't make sense.  I ended up putting on armor backwards? But I do like how cool that sword looks.  I think he took the longest out of all 3.  I was just utterly confused putting this together.  Somehow I managed it.

I might do another SD in the future just have to wait and see.