Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tales of Xillia 2 (Day 2) Cats Sweet Talking Cats

Ok lets actually try and progress the game....After multiple jobs lets actually go to Helioborg. And like usual this place is screwed up...Man those Terrorist...Makin my life miserable.  Alvin's right about the gun thing...

Ivar: Did someone ask for a Gun Tutorial?!
Me: Take off those stupid sunglasses -_-

Ok this weapon switching thing is gonna be rough to get used to.  Hey I can dodge roll now lol.  I hope I get some good Gun Artes I can make use of. Anyway better train some.  Oh look its Elise. Now I gotta train some more.  And plot just happened....this time no real explanation.  Better climb to the top and fight the obviously expected boss. Oh great its Volt....again...actually he's better than how he fought in the first game.  Although in the first game all I did was setup so I absorb everything and lol at bosses.  3 Body Slams and I'm done....ugh....-_-.  Seriously this weapon switching thing is rough why make it 2 buttons? Why not one button? Ok so stab Volt and lets go.  Don't worry Jude I'm sure things will work out right. Wait Milla's missing? What do you mean Muzet (even though I already know)?

Ok Sidequest Time. Oh look a Jude Sidequest.  I'm pretty sure this will make sense later and teach some moral lesson about convictions and something like that.  Oh look more gigantos. Easily thought I'd die a lot easier...although I know not to go into that cave just yet.  Those monsters are a little too strong for me to handle.  More Story Line before Nova calls. Ah crap...

Nova: MONEY!!!

Ok next city. Someone's looking for Julius.  Oh its Leia and Julius is a cat not my bro.  Sigh....Oh its Ivar again....Takes those stupid Sunglasses off. Oh look a hammer.  Smack! Smack Smack! Now I got 3 weapons to manage and many more artes to remember sheesh...-_- Wow I just made it to this town now you want me to backtrack to the old one? awww man....Oh Leia's a reporter now. -_- Leia and Jude act like a married couple OW THAT HURTS!

Ok so some demon is killing ppl in dark alleys. Well let's check it out. Great we walked straight into a trap they only have guns we can take em.  GO FAT ASS CAT!!! OK RUN!!! And instantly in another world.  Oh look the same trap again.  So these ppl are discriminatory bastards...I get it.  Oh look its Rowen OMG you burned them.  O_O Uh you ok?  Wait wait wait no don't kill me.  Surprisingly easy since I fought Volt earlier.  Too bad I couldn't combo him. I tried though I really did.  Ok back to the real world. Seriously those guys didn't see us till now...we really should just get the jump on em. HEY GAIUS! So that's the terrorist plan. Sigh....Oh his name is Erston now... That just doesn't fit.

Oh more secret agent business on my cell. Next destination...but can't go cause I gotta pay the bills first! Sigh....