Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tales of XIllia 2 - Life Lessons in Less Than 2 Hours (Day 1)

Been awhile since I've done one of these. Alright her we go.

What I already know.

I've seen this game so many times in japanese I pretty much know most of the story and the endings. So I'm not really expecting too many surprises. Also I have a friend that's already speedrunning the english version of the game and he's already posted the Bad Ending.  He's proven you can pretty much beat the game in about 4 - 6 hours. There's also some nice exploits as well. Apparently you can glitch yourself back to the start of the game. I know the main issue of the game is paying the debt. Its pretty much what a lot of people complain about and I see why.

Overall Feeling

3 Hours of this game and I feel like this is totally Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.  Pretty much you do a bunch of quest then gain the ability to continue the main story.  Get a new main character to join you and try to get him or her to like you for more gameplay options.  Seriously if you play Radiant Mythology you'll get the same feeling as this game. Just no Debt to pay off.  But pretty much that debt is there to let you know when you can continue the main story. Just like Radiant Mythology. Nova is pretty much annoying since every time you reach the next payment milestone she'll nag you to pay her. You can tell her to buzz off but she'll buzz you again the next time you make money (pretty much if you already have the money tell her to go away and then fight a battle she'll nag you again cause battles give money). Unless you somehow spend it all so she won't buzz you till you meet that goal again.  I think its rather nice that you can learn skills and moves with much leveling or battling at all.

Glad they ditched the old shop method of the first Xillia. That was generally annoying to bring them items and hope the shop levels up for new buy-able stuff. The changes to the battle system were much needed but I feel like if I lack something then I need to grind to get it. Generally if the enemy is resistant to my moves...I need to find a move or weapon to cover that. Which well where I am now I got that feeling.  I doubt I'll get that weapon till later so I guess I should progress the game. Although I have a tendency of completing all the quest I can before proceeding with the story. Rather sucks I can only accept 5 quest at a time.  As for Ludger as a character. I feel as if you can do a create a generic character thing and get away with it.  The way this story is told and how everyone refers to you. You can get away with it on this game. I don't hate Ludger or anything like that I just feel he's rather Generic in terms of Tales of Series.  And the small voice clips don't really help that fact either.

Let's Get Started

Man I'm slow today.  I was reluctant to pay 60 bucks to get this. I mean I got Xillia 1 cause someone game shared it with me.  Very nice of him.  Anyway the very first battle I'm getting my butt kicked in cutscene mode for whatever reason. Go cryptic dream messages. Wake up late for work? Well almost late. I'm rather confused already hey Julius I just had a dream where you killed me....ok well that's clearly not me cause I have dreams where I get...nevermind...that's not for you to know.  Ok so this exam is my tutorial right? Right? I mean if I die I'm not gonna get a game over and sit through all that again am I? Guess that's why a save point is there.  Oh hey first boss of the game...lady in trouble I should save her...I mean I am being tested right? What kind of test is this where I have to fight something that can kill me in like 6 hits?! I failed! THIS TEST SUCKS!

(Note: Apparently if you manage to kill it you fail anyway. -_-)

Since I apparently didn't get my dream job as a secret agent. I instead get a job as a cafeteria worker...Yeah that's what I want to be a cafeteria worker! Don't lecture me bro! Not after that test! YOUR GETTING CURRY AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!! Damn my cat is fat. Ok...I'm off to soon as I eat dinner...and cook dinner in real life.

3 Hours Later...(I made some really good Wings Seriously)

Masked Man: Quick get on the train! You must go to the land of Canaan.
Me: Wait..isn't that in the bible? Wasn't that a bad place? *makes note to look it up*
Mystery Girl: What about you?
Masked Man: I'm gonna stay here and be awesome.
Mystery Girl: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *boat takes off*
Masked Man: Alright I just threw away my knives. Time to be awesome!
*gets shot like 30 times*
Masked Man: I should've known I can't fight an Agent.
Agent: Only Human.
Masked Man: Oh well Kamen Rider time....HENSHIN!

Next Metal Gear Solid will involve Terrorist and Trains

Ok Now I'm off to work. Oh hey its Pokemon Professor Jude. The train is over there don't know how you could miss it the city isn't that big. WTF is this girl doin here. No she's not with me! WTF I just told you she's not with me! She clearly lied to you! OMG Now everyone's talking about it! Why can't these people mind there own business NPCs I swear! BOOM WTF!!! Terrorist!....I'm outta here....No no why are you getting on the train?! Just nearly got blown up and you're worried about the girl who just told a lie to you...or maybe its the cat?

Colonel: Terrorist have hijacked a train and are planning to blow everyone up! Snake get in there!
Snake: Uh.....wrong game Colonel.

Wow that's a lot of dead bodies for a T Rated game. Isn't there like a quota on this stuff? Oh they're static. Hey Jude let's team up.  And once again Swords,Fist > Guns. Its the president. Fine I'll stop the train. I mean I rather jump off but gotta be a hero. Oh hey C.Viper looks like you got demoted to a secretary (voice actor joke). Oh hey big brother...why are you here? Oh you're here to join my party right?....Right?....Riiiiiight? Wait what are you doing?!

*Random Plot Device Object Placement*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HENSHIN! No I'm not a scary man. I don't know how I got this power. But ok...oh right save the train...Oh hey bro what's....up....why are there dead bodies here? Why did you stab that guy? Oh he must be a bad guy...ok you can continue your work OW WTF Why did you bicycle kick me?!

Ok he's beaten....You want me to kill him?...well uh....ok....I mean he did kill all those people....And stuff....wait its...NOEL VERMILION!!!!! Wait we didn't stop the train we're all gonna die!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


Bill Collectors are Dicks

Ugh...what happened?....Where am I? Oh you saved my life thanks...but why am I....wait you did it for money? YOU DICK!!!! 15 MILLION!!!! I DON'T HAVE INSURANCE!!! *insert Obamacare joke* Pay or you take the girl....alright take her...that's not an option of course -_-....5 MILLION FOR SAVING MY CAT?! WTF!!! VET BILLS TOO! You could've just left the cat I got 2 of em you know. NOEL VERMILION!!!!! Well I have 20 million in debt...what else can go wrong...I'm going home...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T GO HOME! PAY MY DEBT OR I CAN'T GO HOME!!! I'M NOT A DEADBEAT!!! NOEL VERMILION!!! Oh great now everyone's talking shit about me cause I have debt. Uh....Donation stream go! LOL Damn mind your own business NPCs! Guess I gotta get a job...killing monsters ok...


Me: I just made this money I was gonna buy some equipment!

Nova: Oh you got money for food and equipment but none to pay your bills! I thought you were better than that. GUILT TRIP GUILT TRIP GUILT TRIP GUILT TRIP!!!!!

Me: NOEL VERMILION!!! *pays*

Nova: Ok you can travel home now.

So I get back home and now EVERYONE in town is talking about how broke I am! Is nothing private anymore....seriously.  This game is almost too real.  Ok I'm gonna rest.....You don't want tomatoes?....YOU WILL EAT TOMATOES AND YOU WILL LIKE THEM!!! to mull things over. Nope! Cops are after me? WHAT DID I DO?!  HEY I TRIED TO HELP!

Oh great...find my bro or go to jail. Can't I catch a break?  Well I can't go to those places cause the debt collectors blocked my traveling privileges. What do you mean not your problem?!  Sigh...Some president you are...Oh hey its Ivar...Ivar take off those sunglasses they make you look stupid. Fine guess I'll get another job and go find my bro.

Cat Lady: I LOST ALL MY CATS! ALL 100 of them!

Seriously can't keep 100 cats. In the state of Georgia you gotta surrender at least 96 of them. You're destroying that apartment. Guess I'll look for them too...But first jobs....

Nova: Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Me: Ugh....-_-
Nova: I heard you got paid. Time to pay those bills.
Me: NOEL VERMILION!!! *pays*
Nova: Ok now which place you wanna go to...
Me: Uh.....well Helioborg's walking distance....
Nova: Alright see ya later.

(Note: You can tell her to get lost when she buzzes you but she'll just nag you the next time you make any more money. Might as pay her right there and grind the rest of your money after.)