Saturday, October 4, 2014

Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS Version) Ugh the controls ruin the game

Super Smash Bros 3DS.
Ugh...these controls...

The game is alright just the controls are ugh...My hands cramp up every 2 to 3 matches cause the 3DS is so small. Some of you reading this probably going get a bigger 3DS or get one of those many many MANY attachments to help with that. Well hate to tell you but that's out of the question.

Nothing to do about the controls

I shouldn't have to buy a bigger 3DS model simply for one game. I am unable to edit the controls to a comfy setting as there is no real editing on that. You can change the face buttons but there's no way to change anything on the Circle Pad (except for the jump which I have no problem with in the first place). I have tried moving the buttons around to try and get a better feel but no luck its simply the 3DS size that's the problem  (FYI I have the first model 3DS). I actually went online asking and searching around for some 3rd Party device that actually helps for Smash bros only to find out through many testimonies that they just don't work or are just giant 30 dollar pieces of plastic.

Seriously No Mii Usage in Online?

Another thing that makes me unhappy is the usage of Mii's online. Unless its a match with a friend. You can't use them at all online. The same goes for custom move sets. I was really looking forward to this only to have that huge disappointment slapped in my face.  I'm a sucker for create a character modes. And then to find out well you can't do that online, I'm saddened.

Offline Stuff

There is a couple of things you can do offline but it feels very limited. I guess cause the game's on a handheld and not a console. Classic and All-Star make a return once again. The other modes there's one that acts like Angry Birds which for me the fun doesn't exactly last long.  Smash Run is fun for a bit. Just collect upgrades then fight it out at the end.  The AI is as dumb as a sack of hammers though even at LVL 9. I found the AI far better in older Smash titles. I found the AI walking off screen, jumping off screen, etc. I guess the AI being dumb makes Classic and all-star that much easier but for me it only compensates my inability to adjust to the controls and not too much.  But once you're done with the offline stuff...its pretty much well you gotta go online to have fun.  I'm not fond of online play for any game these days.

Camera is a Pain

The camera can be a pain in the butt to deal with at times.  Especially during 4 Player matches. I don't really care for the small screen on my 3DS cause I have the same issue when I tried this game on an XL. I find myself walking off the stage even with the so called outlined characters. I turned the Outline setting to the max and still found myself randomly falling off the stage. Its irritating to deal with. What I find more irritating is that there's players that play perfectly fine on the 3DS.

Who Cares About the Character Roster?

I have no complaints with the character roster. I honestly could care less about who's in and not in at this point. With the Mii Fighters not that usable online I'm already disappointed. The rest is small complaints that no one cares about not even the company themselves care. It is about making money. Nintendo took my 40 bucks and left with a smirk. (I seriously could complain how there's no Ice Climbers, or no Wolf, and so many similar final smash moves but at the end of the day who cares.)


Overall this game is not worth throwing 40 bucks at. Especially if you only have a normal 3DS. Unless you're amazing at adjusting to a fast paced game on a handheld, I say wait for the console version.  The main reason I got this on the 3DS was cause as of right now I have no real intention of buying a Wii U anytime soon.

Retail Price of Game: 39.99
Paid: 39.99
Actual Worth: 15.00