Saturday, December 6, 2014

Barely a Week In - How Things Are So Far

Well to be honest its not exactly going well for my family.

My sister is pretty much stuck at work or school. She has finals to take care of and due to the holiday season I shouldn't have to explain how much she has to work even if she's a part timer. She works at a restaurant.  When she comes home she's rather distant and uncaring for the situation. She's ready for our 2 cousins to go back home.

Mom's been sick all week. I worry about her cause she still decides to go to work. And its rather flu-like symptoms. Thankfully she has the weekend off. Even though she's not the type to stay in bed. I worry cause she's been coughing every night along with the kids. She's been considering moving out of state once all of this is over.

We managed to get the kids to a doctor. They don't really know what's wrong with em but did get some meds to give them.  The coughing they do at night has calmed down a bit. They're still rather annoying and frustrating to deal with during the day. They don't talk to me about anything they need or want (like a snack) and decide go independent and get it for themselves. Usually resulting in something getting broken or losing food that should last a week. I tell them many times not to do it but they do it anyway.  I've pretty much given up on nap time (or really I should say quiet time) cause they just don't do it.  I tell them they can't come out that area till they're actually quiet for at least an hour and it only last 5 minutes. The most I can do is let them play Wii games and hope they don't destroy the house. It really sucks having to get up every 5 minutes to see what's going on but its the only way.

No one has any idea where there mother is. Last we heard from Child Services (DCFS) she was released from the hospital and took a vehicle to who knows where. She dropped left her prescription and disappeared. They told us she shouldn't be out of the hospital yet. Her facebook status (At least what's public on her page) says a lot of crazy stuff.  I'm starting to think she's not coming back for her kids.  I don't know what's going on but I'd hate to think of worst case scenario.

There father (my uncle) has been taking small steps but I don't know if he's really getting his act together. He at least makes a phone call from day to day.

The good news is that Child Services has allowed us to get the kids put in school. They were home schooled before. One of them probably won't get into school till next year cause she's 5 years old. The other is 8 now.  I can get them to clean up a bit and fold there own clothes. They even help with the dishes despite it taking longer.

As for me. I've been waking up tired and stressed every morning. I find I barely have time to get things done.  Really I only have like maybe 2 hours or less to get something done which I generally spend sleeping. I would really like to get something done instead of having to stop midway and come back to starting over from the beginning. Financially we're not exactly doing alright mom well even with the bit of money I could give her its not exactly enough bills roll in and make things rough. I guess its better than nothing. It makes me consider asking for donations but the better part of me says not to do it.  I just hope the best comes at the end of all of this.