Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Don't Call Em Wishlist. I call em buying list. Update

Since my silly decision to give mom money for this month. (ok not so silly) I've been well broke. I tried and well still trying to fill in that time with finishing other games.  Well with watching 2 kids, getting sick, etc that's been well needless to say difficult.  I tried to use my weekends to make up for lost time but its been spent more sleeping than anything.

Speaking of those kids.  Well we managed to get one of them in school (although that doesn't really matter much now cause its Christmas Break.)  That's actually been a bit more difficult than first anticipated. Although he's in the 2nd Grade, his handwritting is absolutely horrible, his respect for authority is well next to none apparently. To make it worse like most kids he's already learned to lie and get frustrated about things like homework, studying, etc.  Believe me it took forever to get him to study for a simple spelling test.  Even after eliminating distractions he still manages to find something to distract him.  After telling me that he doesn't care for school cause he wants his mom back to do home school I had to give him a bit of a reality check to tell him that he's dealing with this now and his mom won't be back for awhile. He gets mad and well easily frustrates me.  What bugs me is all the toys he has and how they're left around the house.  When I tell him that he can't play in the kitchen he gets mad and says, "Fine I'll go play outside."  I let it go cause there's no point in getting mad.

When it comes to the younger one the little girl. She's easy to deal with on her own. In fact she's very well behaved on her own. Till her older brother shows up and they go and destroy the house. Really as selfish as this sounds. All I need to do is cut on My Little Pony since that shows for like 2 - 3 hours and she's satisfied.

Feeding them can get to be a challenge. They're very picky eaters.  Like eat only the skin off the chicken picky.  So pretty much 2 separate meals have to be cooked.  There father frustrates me a bit cause he's not exactly thinking about his kids.  He's currently searching for an apartment. The many apartments we've shown him aparerntly don't meet his criteria. He wants a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath for like $500 a month.  The best apartment we found he can't get cause its for low income families only and he makes too much money.  The one I showed him he didn't say anything about but didn't like it. But he continues to bring over toys and stuff for the kids that we don't have any room for.  Frustrating.

Anyway on with other stuff.

The weekends I've had to try and play other games is difficult.  I only managed to get a couple of games in. I forced myself to finish Invizimals: Lost Kingdom.  Its boring.  Even for a kids game its boring.

I tried playing a couple of demos.  I'm a little interested in Destiny just finding a group to play with (people I actually know) is next to impossible. Everyone I know that has it has the actual game and pretty much maxed out there character and left the game behind.

Ratchet & Clank series I have interest in cause after playing A Crack in Time I'm interested in the series.  I actually made plans on buying the whole series and playing it either on stream or YT it. But well plans fall through lol.

Theatrhythm FF I still want to get.

Wishlists I call them Buying List

I made long list of games and stuff I wanted to buy. Barely get the chance to attack it.  With making sure the fans are happy with what they watch and deciding whether or not to go buy it or not.  Anyway this is the set of wis....err buying list I've made.

General Buying List
Pretty much stuff I want or to help out the channel.

Nintendo Portable
Portable Nintendo games. PSP is well...generally complete.

Nintendo Wii
Wii Games I'm interested in

Old Gen Games
Like it says Old Gen Games

PS3 Games

Skylanders I've made plans on getting.

Xbox 360
360 Games I've been looking at.

Steam Games I've Looked At