Monday, December 8, 2014

League of Legends...This is no way to learn the game seriously (trying)

Well I had this downloaded a long time ago. Just never really sat down to play it. This is quite the experience in the wrong way tbh.  I'm learning but it doesn't seem like I'm learning the right way. I was talked into this game by a friend who plays this almost religiously, well when compared to my amount of playtime.   He insisted I play on the EUW Server (European West Server)


I didn't get to play much on this. I know I lost on the 2nd tutorial on my first time. I tried using Ashe and the game didn't tell me much.  I tried to shoot towers with skills but nothing happened (apparently skills can't hurt towers?)  The AI killed me at every opportunity. I couldn't run away. So I lost. I tried again later like much later using Garen and some random build I found online. Well no doubt that won but I had no idea how to go about building items. I thought I just buy them once I get the money I had no idea there's a method to the madness. Needless to say I felt better with Garen cause I didn't have to watch my MP and his cooldown was pretty good. I didn't bother to try out Ryze.

Coop vs AI 

This is where things changed. I kept getting beat up by the AI of course and every other player on my team was pretty ugly in terms of attitude. Personally I just wanna go beat up stuff and let my allies do all the important stuff.  I hate micromanaging and the fewer things I have to worry about the better. I did win all my matches but I didn't feel as if I was learning anything at least according to the person that talked me into this in the first place.  With Garen I stayed on the bottom lane which I'm just now hearing that I shouldn't be doing that?!  This is all confusing now? I was told to play bottom and now I'm not supposed to? There were other champs I tried as well. I tried Alistar but the build that was given to me didn't seem to work right? No attack items just pure HP very little armor.


This is where things got really hectic.  Also a Smurf's hangout. (I'm told a smurf player is someone that makes a new account cause they can't stand playing against high level players). I can't stand the pressure of when to use a move and practically froze up. There's also a ton more arguing compared to vs the AI.  Felt like everyone I matched with was way more skilled than I was (well that's obvious). I'm still learning but getting cussed out for dying. I can't help that the other team knew everything about the game and are higher level than I am.  I even got reported for being the weakest player...My nerves got seriously bad and nothing I could do but die. And to make it worse I couldn't farm with my supposed allies taking my kills. Or not allowing me to make enough money/exp needed. They also ditched me at the drop of a hat without saying much.  I can't play this mode....too many players obviously more skilled than I am at this and I haven't learned much if at all on this game.


In fact I can say I learned silly tricks and skipped the important stuff.  I read guides but none seem to go over the basics or important stuff I should learn. Just says buy this item, run around and use whatever attack. It gives me a headache, especially when I think about the possibility that I'm the only one that's actually new to the game. My reaction times suck, I don't really know what I'm doing, and everyone's obviously better than me. I think I should stick to vs the AI.  At least then I could possibly learn something.

Probably the most annoying is all the guides. Every guide I read seems to assume the fact that you know what you're doing, know the terminology, and know how not to die. I can see the item sets and strats but I feel I'm missing something. Its fun sorta...but I need to stick to AI combat. I can't take dealing with other players unless I have a team of 5 friends that know each other. I like the game just not the community. That's common.   I have a couple of matches recorded but its all me sucking. Maybe I'll upload them later.