Monday, December 1, 2014

Small Update: Sigh...I'm So Over This

Well it started to go well. I mean my aunt chipped in a little money to help out. I just got paid today. But like always Monday's Ruin everything.

Small doesn't matter stuff (yeah just venting)

  • Well I found out that neither kid wants to take a bath. Or maybe they don't know how I dunno. But they don't seem to know the meaning of take a bath. Regretfully I may have to teach them that. *shudders*
  • I don't know what the deal is but they seem to like making tissue friends. A lot of tissue friends then I guess they died in war or something cause they're discarded like Disney Cinderella's dress. -_-
  • Keeping there attention span on the Wii which is generally the only console I have with some child friendly games can get difficult. Its all fine till a skeleton or zombie pops up. (And I guess not learning the concept of recovering in smash or the controls of MarioKart Wii can be difficult lol).
  • The concept of nap time or well Quiet goes over there heads. -_-....Really gonna have to teach them the concept of cleaning and quiet time.
  • At least reading goes well. 
Ok done with that vent.

Now the big stuff I try to keep positive over.

  • Mom's sick, like shouldn't be out of bed sick. But like how I do I go do whatever I need to do anyway. In her case she's still going to work. There's nothing I can do about it. At this point everyone at her job has taken a vacation. Can't blame them. So someone has to pick up the slack. That's how jobs work nothing can be done about it.
  • Sister has finals....well time to enjoy that incoming anxiety attack. 
  • Yeah I'm broke for this month. Guess I better work hard at older games that ppl like when I can. 
  • The worst I feared happened. The kids' mother got out the hospital. I'd be all like, "Great Yay" except she's not supposed to be. Apparently she came home and took my uncle's truck. (seriously? HOW?).  So now I'm supposed keep on watch for her in case she shows up and immediately call the cops or someone cause she's not allowed near her kids till given the all clear.  I'm constantly playing this situation in my head of what to do. I can't take these kids to the park for risk we come across there mom. And I know if they see her those kids will fly to her like flies....well you know the reference.  If she's still unstable then everyone's at risk. Regardless I can't let them near each other from what I was told. 
I'm honestly so over this drama. Bad thing is. Once this is all over everything will go back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Nobody in the family will ever be closer. Everyone will be distant till they either need something or the next big holiday rolls around. -_-