Saturday, December 13, 2014

Status Update....*Is Quietly Losing It*

Its always solve one issue get 10 more isn't it?

I don't mind the kids, I understand what my uncle is going through. I understand what my aunt is going through. But all this is just ridiculous.

While I don't have to worry about keeping them occupied since they had birthdays. They love there to annoy me with them too.  One is a baby doll that speaks both English and Spanish (Great this baby doll will be making more money than most of the world at the age of 18 lol...must keep making jokes.), eats, drinks, and pees. It never shuts up. The other is a RC Car that gets left in the floor along with LEGOs.

Its nice to know that one of them is going to public school.  Even though I wonder who's going to pick them up when its time. I don't think mom completely thought this part through.  I don't have my own car to get them and I know my sister is gone way longer than when he gets out of school (She has work and college).  Guess I'll know next week. And that still leaves the other one to watch for the day.

The real seemingly unfixable problem

I haven't really been able to sleep.  When I do its interrupted. The kids still cough at night I don't think the medicine is working for them.  Then around 3AM the cats bang on my door and meow to get fed and cry for attention.  By the time I get back to sleep its time to wake up and watch these kids again....

While my uncle can see his kids again. He's trying to get an apartment.  At least I think he is (I hope he is.) While he has a kind heart it just feels like he's trying maybe too hard.  He brought like a ton of well treats for everyone to have. But today aside from me being sick...he brings the kids a basketball goal for them to play on. I'm just wondering a bit where his priorities are...Are the kids living here forever or what? I've seen pretty much little progress. To top it off mom on a daily basis says a bunch of negative crap about people. My sister wants to distance herself from everything. How the hell am I supposed to stay positive.

In all honesty we have no place to put all these toys. Makes things harder to clean up right now...I'm trying to stay positive but the way things are I don't know anymore. Most I know I'm making plans to get out of here once this is over.  I can't put up with this crap especially since its starting to become routine I could make a YT sketch and profit off it....