Saturday, January 31, 2015

February 2015 Update I'm Sorry A Lot of things going on.

I really wanted to make a bounce back this month with everything going on. But it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon.

Family Stuff (You can skip This if you want)

To make this a short as possible. Yes the kids are still here. We were told 2 more weeks (which ended today as I'm writing this) but according to my aunt, she was told that he doesn't intend to get the kids back until summer.  Add that to a number of lies he's been telling everyone. I feel he wants all the pleasure stuff with none of work or hardship when it comes to being a dad.  He's using everyone to further his own ends. While he does "attempt" (keyword) to help out its not what anyone would call good enough. His signs of attempting to help were slipping my mom $50 bucks in front of everyone to make it look like he was giving her a lot of money. And buying damaged/expired food from some hole in the wall grocery store (he's only done this twice). Needless to say that pissed us all off but it doesn't end there.

DFCS (Department of Family and Children Services) finally answered our phone calls but only after mom threatened to take this to the news media. They told us that since this has gone on for longer than 45 days a court hearing will take place to see if my uncle and his wife are capable of taking care of the kids. They cannot help with our financial matters cause we're family. No temporary food stamps, no small check, no tax write off. Nothing.  According to them. Its not there job. But it looks possible that these kids might be permanently part of the family.

There mother just got back on there medication. But she's still not acting right. While she has calmed down she has blown not only DFCS phone but also our phone with pointless messages. Bad thing is cause we're part of Comcast phone service I have a list of 100+ saved messages from her in the recent couple of months.

As for the kids. I had to break down and punish them the only way I could. Since giving them a spanking was out of the question. I attempted to give them a time out. Judging from the reaction they don't seem to care too much or know what's going on. I got a general "I don't care shrug"with a "what do you want" response.

That's pretty much how things are going. In all honesty I wanna beat the crap out of my uncle. All this unnecessary drama we're going through. I'm sick of hearing crap like, "haha you're going through a crash course on fatherhood."  or "that's life".  Mom is busy talking about things like welfare. I'm trying to prevent myself from going through an anxiety attack.


I can't say much is going on here. Most of my time and energy has been directed to taking care of those kids and making sure I don't kill myself.  I generally had plans on finishing up unfinished games but haven't exactly had the time to do so. I'm pretty much losing sleep get something done instead of doing nothing. I only seem to be able to play any games uninterrupted at night and that's if I'm not sleeping it off.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Thanks to Trevor813 for helping me get this. I'm trying to find the time to get around to either streaming this or even play this.  I still don't have one of those fancy capture cards to record with. Too expensive anyway.

Recettear and Sonic Generations PC

Thanks to Zetssu for getting these for me.  I haven't found the time to actually play them as much as I would like but thanks.  As for Sonic Generations PC I want to mod it so I can make myself into the game. Since that's all the game seems to be good for lol.  I still need to upgrade my PC as well after noticing how Sonic Generations PC played.

Gundam Breaker 2

One of the main problems is that I started the game late compared to others so everyone is far ahead of me. Even worse those that I managed to play with online rather make the game boring for me. Constantly killing everything in 1 hit. I end up missing out on various rewards forcing me to go back and redo those stages anyway. I don't believe the multi-player to be balanced.

Suikoden (Coming)

I tried to upload this before but only found that Konami copyrighted the game. So I'm looking for ways around the copyright.  As I have a full playthrough recorded and ready to go. Once I get this uploaded I wanna start Suikoden II.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

I wanna finish this game its very frustrating and it doesn't seem like I'll get the true ending cause the way the ranking system is.

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

Well from the looks of things I don't think I have anything else to record from this game. The last 2 updates to the game didn't add anymore quest. So I guess 70 Normal quest and 20 Master quest is the magic number.  There's still being uploaded so sorry for those that don't enjoy it.

That's about it. Wish me luck in all this. I'm still struggling here and doing my best to hold on.