Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015 Update New Year Crap

Not to be negative but I don't care much for New Year's.  Or Christmas.  But lets get on with the update.

Kids & Family

The kids are still here living under the same roof as myself.  And are still rather unappreciative brats. I hate to call them that cause it sounds mean but that's how they're acting.  There Christmas they got tons of toys from virtually everyone that cared.  I mean a ton of toys.  Most of them are broken now. I told one of them not to fly the RC Copter in the house but he decides not to listen. I later smacked it down telling him not to fly it in the house. No it didn't break. Not until he did it again at a later date the dog got it and broke the tail.  Meanwhile the younger one got so many My Little Pony toys and enough baby dolls to make a creepy bedroom. The issue comes when any of us in the house ask them to clean up there mess.  Since they have the attention span of a dog. They're easily distracted by a TV or whatever they want to do.  I can't tell you how many Legos I've vacuumed up.  I'm not being evil, but imagine asking and telling someone to clean up there things and they just don't do it or just only do half of it.  When I tell him about how many legos I've vacuumed up or found even outside on the ground he gives me an "I don't care attitude" and tells me "They're just toys. I don't care." The fact is he doesn't really care. For one he doesn't exactly build anything with the legos. I guess my imagination is much smaller than his cause I don't see an evil spider from 3 small pieces.

The part that really pisses me off is the fact that he doesn't care. We took the kids to the movies and to the bowling alley. While one enjoyed going the other gives the comment of saying, "I'd rather be at home enjoying my day."  After being begged by my mom to let them play Skylanders. Aside from begging to the point of serious annoyance.  And pretty much rage quit the game anyway. He doesn't want to play a stage either cause its too hard for him or its too scary.  Then begs me for battle mode. I told him battle mode was boring but he insisted. When he lost twice to his own younger sister. He quit.  I later find out that 2 of my Skylander figures were broken.  I'm not mad that they were broken, I'm mad that the younger one came to me much later that they were broken.  To add icing and sprinkles on the cake I asked the older of the 2 about it and his response is "its just a toy it can be fixed." Mom asked me why I was so angry about it and of course she gives me an answer of indifference. Needless to say they don't need to play the Wii or anything I own if by obvious proof they can't take of my stuff let alone there own.

My uncle gets mad at me cause the kids mother. Who I talked to over the phone knows our address.  She didn't sound crazy when I talked to and sound like she got better. Just not informed. But I guess cause he plans to divorce her its wrong for me or his kids to talk to her.  I honestly should be mad at him. All this time well over 8-9 weeks he's supposed to be finding an apartment. But instead I get excuses as why he can't get an apartment.

  • They don't have Direct TV
  • Its too much money for a 3 Bed 2 Bath
  • I don't wanna take my kids out of school and put him in another one (Ok I'll buy that one)
And when he comes over he brings the kids even more toys for the kids. Needless to say that this has gone on for far too long and my amount of kindness is starting to run out.


Yeah I'm running seriously behind on games.  Handing mom last month's check really put me behind. Unable to take advantage of sales. The most I've been able to scrounge up in terms of cash was to be able to buy Suikoden II and a couple of Steam Games. Also found Gundam Breaker 2 but I got that this month.  The view count was down much lower than usual cause I didn't buy any games that ppl wanted to see in the month of December so ppl wanting to see games dwindled. 

The Complaints.

The top 2 complaints I got was about a ton of BS. Generally the same 2 that I usually get. People complaining about the games I play and the other about commentary.  I play what I like. I don't see why other people have a problem with it. Cause you hate the game so a person you watch shouldn't play it? I don't see the logic in that.  As for commentary. No I'm not doing commentary unless its incidental (meaning it just happens).  Stop begging for it. You don't need to hang a person's every word. Heck I'm actually growing to hate commentary now. All it seems to be is useless trivia and people consistently pushing there opinions and insults on others. I can laugh at it from time to time but that's all commentary seems to be now. I rather watch an animated short of there commentary instead. 

What I'm trying to upload.

Suikoden: Since Suikoden II hit PSN, I decided to play the first one since I own it.  That way I can transfer my data to the 2nd one.  Unfortunately Konami like most games slaps copyright over the content stopping me from uploading it.

NiGHTS Journey of Dreams: Figured its time to finish this game.  I don't like the controls but what the heck lets finish it.  I finished Will's Side and I'm working on Helen's.  But I need go through both sides probably twice or more to make sure I get the true ending.  According to the Wiki I have to make a C Rank or better to get it.  This game isn't friendly about giving away good ratings.

Gundam Breaker 2: I got the game last night.  Rather fun.  Hopefully this time I'll find a group to play online with.

Pokemon OR/AS Demo: Well I didn't know the demo got a public release till a few days ago.  I'm just going to run through the demo. I don't know when I'll get the actual game. Probably when they announce the next Pokemon game.

Dillon's Rolling Western: I actually wanted to play this for awhile.  Learn about the character nobody knows about at all. Wish I had a 3DS capture card but I'll deal. 

Stuff Trying to Figure out

Anyone know a good PC Screen recorder that works.  Bandicam has issues. OBS (Open Broadcast Software) doesn't seem to like full screen games.  Play Claw 5 cost a pretty penny.  I'm also searching for a good PC Controller.  The one I'm using probably won't last long and PS3 Controllers since I only own 3rd Party ones these are absolute crap when plugged into a PC. -_-

Special Thanks:

Thanks to my Grandpa for sending me 50 bucks last month.
Thanks to Matt Morey for gifting Recceatter on Steam
Thanks to Ryon Fuushiba, Keare, NoPast, Sheldon, for putting up with my incessant ranting.