Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - End thoughts.

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I honestly don't know why everyone hates this game. Like most other games I see get hated on it makes no sense to me.

I bought this game years ago like 2007. Generally it was for my sister to not be bored while playing the Wii. Got it along with Sonic and the Secret Ring. I started it long ago. But for one viewers didn't want to see it and at the same time many other games came out.  So I left this game behind.  I just picked it up again recently.  Its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.


The Wii rears its ugly head again with the damn Wii Mote. Luckily I can play with Wii Mote and Nunchuck or Classic pad.  It takes time to adjust to the controls. Its like flight controls. You can't just suddenly fly up its more of a rotating thing.  Once that's out the way and adjusted to the game is smooth sailing.


The parts I hate are the ones where I have to walk around as the kids to get to the exit or play some silly mini-game and pass it with flying colors. Helen's Story is full of this crap. Frustrating to get the hang of and meet the quota. Some of the bosses are a pain in the ass to figure out. Luckily you can pause the game and actually be given a non-cryptic hint.

The game isn't lenient on rankings. You have to be fast and nearly perfect to get even a B Rank.   I think the worst level in the game was on Helen's side where I had to hit all the musical notes. If I was too slow I got a game over. If I missed 5 notes game over. If I was too far ahead game over. To make it worse, hitting the notes in tune with the music is a pain in the ass. Since moving up and down reduces your speed a bit you have to adjust to keep up with hitting that sweet spot.

The bosses are all unique. There's no simple hit 3 times to beat every boss. You have to do something different for each one. Such as making the 3 heads of Cerberus hit each other. Or making a giant fish small enough to finish it off.

The normal gameplay I have a hard time keeping a decent chain going. Well decent by the game's standards. The game seems to want perfection if you intend to get an A Rank.

I didn't get a chance to experience the online mode cause well Wii has no online play anymore.


Although Youtube copyrighted every song. I enjoyed the music soundtrack for each level. Voice acting was decent as well. I think this was one of the main things people brought up when it came to this game. A lot of people were pissed off that NiGHTS has a voice in this game. I guess they were expecting things to be exactly like the Saturn days.


The level design and ideas behind them were very unique and well done. I wish the Sonic series would try some of this stuff. A world made of glass. You have to hit switches to shine light through a prism to unlock a path. Or using a mirror to determine the true way to go. A city of neon lights and to get through you have to ascend and descend skyscrapers to make it through. The game makes a comment about how the worlds are designed based on the character's heart. I wonder how mine would look lol. Definitely the game's finest point and I'm not a dude for graphics.


If I was to dig around for flaws. I would say that this game is way too short. I got the true ending for both sides in a matter of 4 hours. Its very short.

Another flaw I have to point out is the ranking system. You have to be pretty damn perfect to get a good rank for each stage. Definitely a step up from Sonic games where pretty much if you didn't die you got a pretty high rank.

The minor flaw that bugs me is the character's movements at times during cutscenes. I think that Will and Helen have neck problems or something while they talk. They both seem to bob there heads way too much while talking. It can get hilariously annoying. That and there seems to be times where Helen's voice gets REALLY REALLY soft.


This game is great and I wish Sonic Team would come back to this series. Or at least let Sonic take notes from this game. The trash talk and hate for this game is unwarranted and seems to be brought on by stupid things.  Although this game did get released around the time where games were judged based on voice acting.

SideNote: Sorry I cannot upload the true ending. Youtube has been claiming copyright across the board for this game.  I don't know who elicense is but it sounds like SEGA went to a third party for copyright claims.