Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Weekend of MOBAs

Well I tried out some MOBA games cause friends wouldn't Stop Nagging me till I did. I had a semi-free weekend so here what I got from them.  If you have anything to add to improve my experience I honestly would like to hear it. These are general first impressions of the games. My only experience before these was just League of Legends. So just a heads up.


Upon playing the tutorial I already realized one thing. This game needs PC Controller support. The game plays in 3rd person view and aiming and attacking is controlled like a 3rd person shooter. The way the controls were mapped made me beg for this to be a PC controller. I know there's a ton of commands. But you could map that to either the controller or the numpad. To be honest it felt like I was playing Elder Scrolls in 3rd person view. Only difference is I can see the lines of where my attacks will go.

The real downside for this was the massive amount of downloads I had to do for this game. Even at my internet speed (My ISP is Comcast/XFinity) I was gonna sit at my desk for over an hour just to install the game. The amount of gods there are is somewhat nice. But this game definitely wants you to stick to very few characters as possible instead of mastering every single one. The individual characters have there own levels as well as your own. Overall its good. But likely better if you have the time to devote to it. Team based combat seems to be like many others. So your allies can easily pull ahead of you and pretty much put the "I in Team".

Heroes of the Storm Beta

OMG The most fun I ever had. Blizzard knows how to make things entertaining. From the opening movie to the tutorial and training. This game is very entertaining. And very expansive too.

Unlike Most MOBAs your team levels up instead of just an individual player. So not only does no one get left behind. But this stresses real team work. The idea of using mounts to travel quickly is a great idea. I really love the ability system. You're not always going to stick to the same set of moves every match. There's at least 2 or more branching paths your character can go. Even there ultimate skill isn't always going to be the same. You're also able to get mercenaries on your side. By of course beating them up.  What's also a bonus is you can see how long it'll take before the enemy respawns. Even towers have ammo now?!

Well the downsides I found in this game. Is the frame rate gets really bad when fights start to escalate. So team fights + minions + other objects can lead to some serious drop in frames. What also bothers me is the cost of these Heroes. They go for about 6 - 10 bucks a character. Blizzard will definitely find a way to make that money. I don't even want to think about the character skins and mounts.  Overall I can't wait to see the full game in action. Even if I don't know 2/3rds of the cast. Very beginner friendly and easy to manage.


I honestly have to go UGH after playing the other 2. I started the tutorial and ended up coming across a glitch in the 2nd part. -_-.  Besides that. The characters look somewhat cool and unique. But the graphics are definitely missing that step (and this is coming from a guy who doesn't care for graphics). It looks like the graphics for this game were never updated among the many many updates this game receives. What's nice is that you can download some customizable stuff for character or make your own look for a character. That's cool if you're very creative and know how to do all that.

I got suckered into a match with bots by a friend. I really don't know what there deal is with rushing someone who's trying to learn the basics. I understood absolutely nothing about this game. And I played League of Legends. Obviously that didn't help me one bit. The shop mechanic is a pain. There's no instant teleport back to base. You gotta buy that item or you're hoofing it. Everything felt unorganized. I didn't even know how to center and lock my camera. I know there's those MOBA vets that will respond saying I need to learn to play with my camera unlocked but I'd like to be able to quickly see where the hell my character is. I'd like to lock and unlock my camera at my own discretion. The tutorial didn't explain the controls much. I probably should've just picked the "I'm new" option instead of saying I have experience in LoL.

I honestly don't think I'll be playing this one. It doesn't seem to fit my interest or ease me in to playing the game. I think this game's worst aspect is how unforgiving it is. While you're picking your character if you didn't finish picking in time. You're able to re-select. Problem is the game has already started. So you're left behind literally everyone runs off. So imagine in a match with 4 human teammates that aren't your friends. You take too long to pick that's already everyone yelling at you for taking too long. The character select screen didn't help. Good thing there's an option to use a grid view instead of sliding along. There's just WAY TOO MANY Characters to have a slider that goes a character one by one. Overall very meh experience and didn't have fun got more frustrated than anything.

If I was to find a good side with DOTA 2. It would be the character I chose voice was nice over the rest of the game.

Those were the 3 MOBA Games I tried out. Personally I like Heroes of the Storm the best. If they can work out the frame rate issues. It'll be golden.