Monday, March 9, 2015

Hacked?! WTF?! Seriously? (Update)

I know it could happen to anybody. And it happened to me. I wake up this morning finding my Youtube account has been suspended on grounds of "spam, unwanted content, etc."

When I check to see what video was the one infringing the Youtube Community Guidelines. I get a response back in my Gmail saying it was title "-_-"  (

Of course the link is disabled. So there's nothing I can do to check the video.  As far as my knowledge goes I never uploaded such a video. I would go as far to say I would never title a video like that. Not without the game name next to it or just something funny. 

Most I can figure is that I pissed off someone in the youtube community and that person actually got his/her revenge.  That's just speculation.  When I go to check my recent activity. This morning I had issues signing in to my account saying that some suspicious activity was going on. The only difference I noted was that there was a Samsung phone tied to my Google account. I don't own a Samsung anything as far as I know. I can't afford such a thing. I tried checking a detailed account history but nothing.  Most I have is an account was disabled the minute I login.  And Apparently someone signed in my account using my IP.

I never had to log in at 4AM. In fact I just turned off my PC around that time.

Fuck this isn't good. I need help.  Youtube is taking forever with the appeal. I need help. From someone. I don't know what to do. Youtube is taking forever with the appeal. Likely never to answer it. The company I'm partnered with will not answer.  Ugh someone help. 

Update 3/9/2015 2pm

So Youtube releases the channel but not the strike. Apprently it was more than one video marked as spam it was 2. Neither one of those is spam. 
"-_-"  (  I still have no idea what this is but considering when it was uploaded back in 2011 I'm 95% sure its not spam.

"STAY AWAY FROM THE SUMMONER!!!" ( This was marked innapropriate content. Which is just a video of that scene in FFX about the villagers yelling at Tidus to well Stay away from the summoner. And this was back in 2013. Don't know how this is inappropriate content. But Youtube is operated mostly by bots its seems. At least I'm starting to believe that more and more.

So obviously this is someone that hates me and doing some foul play on my videos. I'm pretty sure someone out there really hates me and wants my channel gone. Marking one video spam and the other Innapropriate is proof of that. Anyway youtube isn't removing those strikes either it seems.  Despite saying that my account isn't in violation. They won't remove the strike. I appealed it and waiting for a decision. Probably won't happen and I'll have to wait 6 months. 

As for the hack that part was real. There's still a phone that I don't own at all on my channel and someone logging in my account using my IP at the time I logout at 4AM. I don't know how that happened but I do know that ppl can easily mask IPs as another person's in this time.