Friday, March 13, 2015

Sigh....The Inevitable Quest to Rerecord almost every FF Game.

If you haven't heard. I'll give the quick version.

Due to someone's hacking attempt and flagging of my videos a lot of my Final Fantasy Videos are gone. Youtube stats that the videos that were flagged break the Spam policy. Cause of extra tags. Stupid yes. But whatever. 

Even if I have backups of the videos that were removed I can't reupload them. Cause they get instantly rejected by Youtube's automated system. Stating that it breaks the Terms of Use. If I edit them they can get by but the quality goes straight to hell. 

So instead of wasting days of editing videos. I decided to rerecord the final fantasy games that were removed and the ones I haven't got around to putting up (or even playing). 
Now the question is where should I start. I made a poll about it here:
Please vote and I'll check it to see where to start. 

*Note: I forgot to add Dirge of Cerberus to the poll. Not that it really matters.*